Detox Your Liver to Beat Your Sugar and Fat Cravings

Detox before DietI have a lot of blog readers ask me about getting over their addiction to sugar. It’s not an easy thing to overcome.  Sometimes just going cold turkey is the only way to go.

I recently stumbled upon this article that featured Dr. Oz on a segment of Good Morning America.  Dr. Oz talks about how to beat your sugar and fat cravings.

He first points out that your liver’s main function is to remove toxins from your body.  Unfortunately, when we have consumed a lot of sugar and fatty foods, our liver doesn’t work so well.

Before starting any diet, it’s recommended to detox your liver.  Cycle 1 works as a detox as the elimination of sugar and fatty foods (and carbs) helps your body eliminate toxins and helps you lose weight quickly as a result.

From the article here are Dr. Oz’s 4 Steps to detox your liver to help beat your sugar and fat cravings:

Step 1: Replace grains with broccoli or cauliflower for one week, and eat garlic, chives and leeks.

Step 2: For withdrawal, take a Vitamin B complex and 1,000 mg a day of chromium picolinate.

Step 3: Eat meat in a 4:1 ratio, limiting it to a quarter of your protein. Also eat leafy greens and citrus.

Step 4: Address emotional eating: Emotional hunger is sudden, while physical hunger is gradual.


Here is a link to the article and video which contains a lot of great information to get you started on your detox.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts below...

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