Is Coffee Allowed on The 17 Day Diet?

A very common question asked on the 17 Day Diet Blog is regarding coffee and if it is allowed on this 17 Day Diet.  I just coffeerecently had two different people ask this question in the last day so I thought I’d answer the coffee question here.

Is Coffee Allowed on the 17 Day Diet?


If you refer back to your 17 Day Diet book, on page 228, you’ll read Dr. Moreno’s thoughts on coffee.  Coffee contains so many health benefits such as containing high levels of antioxidants, “along with minerals such as potassium and magnesium and B vitamins. All of these nutrients might be the reason coffee guards against type 2 diabetes.”

Does Coffee Count as my Water/Fluid Intake?


If you go back to the front of the book on page 29, Dr. Moreno explains that coffee or green tea for that matter, do not count towards your water consumption for the day.  Your water intake still needs to be at least eight 8-oz glasses of water in addition to any coffee or green tea you drink.

Can I sweeten my coffee?

Yes.  You may sweeten your coffee using Truvia as suggested by the book.

Can I use cream in my coffee?

Well, sort of.

Dr. Moreno does not specify whether or not cream, half and half or even milk is allowed as a condiment in your coffee. Actually, none of these dairy products are on any food lists with the exception of Cycle 3.  In the Achieve Cycle, Dr. Moreno does list dairy substitutes such as sugar-free rice, almond or soy milk. Remember, dairy products such as milk do contain sugar and maybe that’s one of the reasons these items are not on the food lists.

Go ahead and enjoy your cup of coffee on the 17 Day Diet.

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  1. elaine currie says

    I am hoping to have success with this diet. I can’t afford to purchase the book but, reading what is available on line I’m hoping it will do the trick. It sounds to good to be true.

  2. Michelle says

    I am in the Activate cycle right now, and I put a splash of non- far milk in my coffee and I’ve still been losing weight. It started off slow, but once I stopped eating yogurt after 2, the weight loss picked up so I knew it wasn’t the milk.

  3. M Jane says

    I don’t have my book yet, just ordered it,But my daughter in law has done this for about 2 wks now, SHE Already looks AMAAAAzing!I don’t hink I will EVER lose my belly fat though, I have had 5 surgeries-all cut in the same LONG pot across my pelvic area appx 4 in or soe below belly button, it has been like this for years, MAYbe, just mybe this wil work for that area I don’t know, Any thought from anyone who has had like this “Bread bowl” of fat and skin just hanging??

  4. Diane says

    I don’t have the book and wonder if someone could send me the list of foods not to have after 2 pm. thank you,

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