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It works....

Jul 05, 2014 by Rosie

Bought the book at Chapters just because it looked interesting and I have weight to lose. Super easy. First 4 days I lost 7 pounds. I know it's water but it's very motivating. Enjoying this diet thus far...30 more to go.


Jun 26, 2014 by amanda

I just started the 17 day diet four days ago and like how I feel so far and I keep looking through the book to see if im doing this right, im following everything it says to eat and the servings suggested, but I have a question, is it ok to eat proteins for breakfast like turkey with eggs or do I just have to stick to eggs egg whites and yogurt? Can I do my meals in different orders than what the book says for ex. Turkey and eggs fpr breakfast and yogurt with fruit for lunch? Just want to make sure im doing this right.

Fabulous Way to Get Healthy

Jun 20, 2014 by Kelly

I have friends (one male and one female) who lost over 60lbs each and have kept it off for 3+ years; so, I thought, what the heck-give it a try! It is SO easy; I never feel hungry. Kefir and frozen fruit with some flax seed in a blender is SO yummy and filling! A vege and turkey heavy spinach/romaine salad for lunch; second smoothie for a mid-afternoon snack and meat and roasted vege's for a supper....easy easy easy! Cycle 2 was hard for me, weight loss slowed down to a crawl, and the addition of any simple carbs made me crave them, instead I tried throwing in a higher calorie day once a week and that got me back on track! That's what is so glorious about it; once you teach yourself tricks for eating healthier and staying full, and you wean yourself off diet soda and bad snacks, figuring out your own routine (within the guidelines) is very flexible. I would reccommend it to anyone, and I have!

I love this diet!

Jun 17, 2014 by kristina

When i first started i was 180 pounds. the first 45 lbs came off with ease on this diet. The diet seemed to stop working for me after that so i started working out a lot and lost 10 more pounds. now after being off the diet for about a year i have started the diet again. Im starting at 125lbs my bmi 23. My goal is to drop another 15lbs. this is day 4 and i have lost 1 pound.

Jun 10, 2014 by Gladys

Have a question

I started 9 days ago. The first 5 days I lost 5 pounds but on the 6 day I GAINED 2. I was eating the same basic foods and following the cycle correctly? Can you help with this and what can I do to prevent this

Response: Gladys, read this post to see if it helps:


May 27, 2014 by Patty

I am on my 3rd round of the 17 day diet. I have lost 19 lbs total, but have another 20 to go to reach my goal. I have been totally at a plateau for almost 2 weeks. Can't lose another pound! Help! I have been faithful and get lots of exercise.

Apr 24, 2014 by Darryl Wilcox

I have not done very well lately, but it is not a real diet! You are eating healthier, and you feel so much better!!! The recipes are great!!! There isn't one that I have not enjoyed! As soon as my life is back in order, you can bet I will be following it strictly again!!!!

Response: Thanks for the update, Darryl!

joanne\s 17 day diet

Apr 24, 2014 by joanne mcclair

best diet ever . lost 17 pound . lost ten pound the first week. asked friend on fb to join me and we all lost. you are never hungry and usually you have it all in your kitchen.

Apr 09, 2014 by Jessica

So excited to start this diet read the reviews on Amazon and ordered my book was only $7.00 for a used one

Apr 08, 2014 by jj

I was 128 in July 2012. Then I got a boyfriend that cooked for me!! By April I had gained 12 lbs. I was upset so i set the goal to get back down..then I broke my leg and had to have surgery..needless to say I gained another 15 due to not being able to move around and months of therapy. After reading the reviews I am strarting this diet tomorrow!!!!

17 Day Diet , USA 4.5 5.0 160 160 Bought the book at Chapters just because it looked interesting and I have weight to lose. Super easy. First 4 days I lost 7 pounds. I know it's water but it's very motivating.