Day 10: I Feel Like a Yo-Yo Dieter

It’s Day 10 on the 17 Day Diet and I am feeling slightly discouraged. I’m partly to blame for my .6 weight gain over night. For the last 4 days I’ve been up and down .2 pounds and sometimes it’s just the way your body works and other times it’s the foods you eat.

For me, it’s been a little bit of both. I’ve been sticking to the diet pretty good. Yesterday was a bit of a challenge for me. I had my usual breakfast consisting of yogurt, strawberries and flax seed followed by egg whites. That kept me pretty full all morning long. I wasn’t hungry for lunch so I had an orange (I should have eaten some sort of protein with it– never a good idea to eat fruit by itself). By 3pm, I was getting a little hungry so I had a protein shake (made with water not milk).

For dinner is where I think I splurged a bit– I made my usual Cinco de Mayo Mexican Spicy Chicken (posted in the recipe category), and I topped a bed of lettuce with the chicken, fat free sour cream, homemade guacamole, Mexican-blend cheese, and tomatillo salsa. Let me tell you…..the guacamole was to die for!

I know…I know… avocados are not on the approved list for Cycle 1– but I couldn’t resist. I don’t think they were soley to blame for my weight gain. I think from lunch on, I had not established a healthy eating pattern. I should have skipped the orange, and I shouldn’t have had a protein shake. What I should have eaten was a sensible lunch so that by dinner I would have been starved and craving creamy guacamole.

Another lesson learned. Today I will strive to do better. My body only deserves to be fed healthy foods that encourage healthy eating habits long term.

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  1. leidy says

    I’m on day 12 and am also getting discouraged. My total loss is 4 lbs. Is it because while I follow the foods, I switch them around? That I’m exercising more? (muscle weighs more) Or because I only need to lose about 20 lbs total? I’m sticking to it but after not weighing for a week I was hoping for more change…

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