Quick & easy means the drive thru, but not this time!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your “go-to” drive thru breakfast satisfies you for a little while, but you’re starving and hangry by 10am!
  • You crash really hard from your “carb high” and it’s barely noon (and you think about sneaking off to your car to nap for a few).
  • Your brain hurts and you spent so much time (not to mention money) trying to get yourself on a breakfast routine that doesn’t include Ronald McD, but you always keep going back to him.

If you’re ready to be done with….

… fast food keeping you from eating healthy and losing weight…

… needing a morning nap routine just to make it to lunch time…

— and you’re finally ready to have a yummy, guilt-free quick breakfast (or lunch!) that not only helps you lose weight and keeps the scale moving in the right direction, then you’re in the right place!

Really, NOW imagine this:

  • Enjoying a super yummy and nutrient-rich green smoothie every morning that fills you up and sustains you all the way 'til lunch time (all without tasting the spinach)!  
  • Feeling fully energized all day, every day and super excited when the weight comes off, too!
  • Saving a TON of time and headache trying to figure out what to "cook" for breakfast when all you have to do is blend and be on your way!

Yes, it really is possible to have a ton of energy and lose weight from drinking at least one green smoothie every day! Addicted! is going to do this and more!

Introducing my easy-to-follow, time-saving, and super fun Green Smoothie Recipe Book...

The Addicted! Green Smoothie recipe book features:

:: 29 green smoothie recipes for the 17 Day Diet (20 of these are specifically formulated for Cycles 1 and 2)

:: Magic Green Smoothie Formula

:: A 5 Day Quick Start Smoothie Plan with a Grocery List to get you started right away!

:: Fillable Recipe Cards so you can keep track of your own custom creations

:: Quick Prep Tips to Make Smoothies Ahead of Time

:: Clickable Navigation (Table of Contents & Recipe Index)

:: Table of Contents, Page Numbers, and Recipe Index for easy navigating if printed

The Addicted! Green Smoothie recipe book is:

:: 100% digital

:: Formatted to be Printable if you desire

:: Accessible on your computer, tablet or mobile device

Go ahead...take a quick peek inside!

Purchase the Addicted! Green Smoothie recipe book today and receive... 

Instant Access to:

  • 29 Green Smoothie Recipes
  • 5 Day Quick Start Smoothie Plan with Grocery List to get started right away
  • ​Fillable Recipe Cards for Custom Creations
  • Clickable Navigation including table of contents and recipe index
  • And more!


I understand this is a 100% digital product and I will not be receiving anything in the mail.


Try the recipe book, and if by chance you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, simply request a refund within 7 days. You’ll get your money back no questions asked.


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