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What is the C1 Challenge?

The Cycle 1 Challenge is a chance for you to jumpstart your weight loss. It lasts 17 days and is based on the 17 Day Diet.

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During the prep time, you’ll have your meals planned out for you for the first seven days, and you’ll receive corresponding recipes to make it super easy!

By the way, you don't have to be on Cycle 1 to have fun with us in the Challenge!

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How does the C1 Challenge work?

Today: After you sign up, you'll instantly receive a free "smoothie e-kit" for your Transitional Day Fast (optional fasting day before the Challenge begins).

Prior to the start date: About a week before the start date, you’ll receive your seven days of menus and recipes so you can get your food purchased so you’re ready to go!

Day Before Start Date: You’ll participate in an optional Transitional Day Fast with specially formulated smoothies to get your metabolism going.

Start Date: You’ll start your first day of Cycle 1. You’ll begin receiving weekly emails to keep you motivated and moving so you can lose weight.

​What about menus for days 8-17?

To keep this challenge free to you, you may use the same menus for the following days 8-17 or create your own!  

Using the same menus will help keep your food costs as low as possible as you’ll not be required to purchase different food items for new meals.

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I was able to stay motivated and completed the challenge without a slip. My beginning weight was 234.0 and my 17 day weigh-in I was at 221.6 for a 12.4 total loss. Weighed only once in between 1st day of cycle one and the completion of the 17 days.

Past Participant

It's the very first program in 10 years that I can stick to - that makes me feel good and see results instantly!

Past Participant

I lost 10 lbs and have lost my sugar cravings. I learned to eat fruit before 2pm which is smart because now I don't eat in the evenings. I used to have fruit then it would be popcorn then chips but NOT ANYMORE

Past Participant

I really appreciated the daily quotes. They were very inspiring. I lost right at 8 lbs on the challenge.

Past Participant

The challenge helped me realize that losing weight should not be intimidating, boring or unhealthy. After following every instruction for Challenge 1 (and not cheating despite the two-day carb withdrawal symptoms), I lost 9.2 lbs. I never thought I could lose this much in just 17 days and still feel strong and active!

Past Participant

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