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17 Day Diet
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byKathy on17 Day Diet
Eating myself thin! (C1)

I'm still in the first phase. However, I am eating myself thin. As long as you follow the meal plan you will lose weight. I have only been on this diet for a few weeks now and without exercise I still have lost one pound every day. I am looking forward to hitting my goal! This has been the easiest way to lose weight and very little effort! It makes it very simple to know what to eat and if I'm hungry I have eaten. I love that there is no starving and you still see results.

byJes on17 Day Diet
It worked for me

I'm currently in a county Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm using the 17 Day Diet, the challenge is 16 weeks long. In the first 4 weeks I lost 17 lbs. In the next four weeks I lost 9 lbs. I've never gain so far or plateaued, I also haven't moved on to Phase 3 yet. I'm still wanting to lose another 10 lbs by the end of my 16 week challenge. I didn't do any exercise in the first 6 weeks, now I 'am currently doing a 1-2 mile run every other day. I strongly advise that you drink your hot lemon water, green tea with every meal and stick with the instructed foods. Just like any diet the first week is very challenging but after week one your in a pattern and then its gets easier.

byRobert on17 Day Diet
This Diet Works Without Being Hungry

If you claim you did not lose a pound or only 2 or 3 in 17 days its because you are not following the food plan.

My partner and I swear by this Diet as we can both drop many lbs with almost no effort at all. One of us is 44 and the other is 27 so you cant blame age or metabolism either.

Follow the exact foods you can eat in each cycle and don't cheat here and there, get a bit of exercise in each day and the lbs will fall off for you too.

byNoelle on17 Day Diet
Just started...

Today is only my second day on the first phase of the diet. So far it's not too hard, although the yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system since I'm obviously used to eating many more calories. I weighed 183 pounds when I began and I have to lose about 45 pounds altogether. I HATE weighing myself for so many reasons, so I'll probably only weigh at the end of each phase. I hope reading all these entries keeps me motivated!

bysusan fisher on17 Day Diet
slow and steady

I lost 6 pounds first week and then weight loss slowed to often less than 1 pound a week. However, after 9 weeks I am down 14 pounds and the program was easy to follow and very satisfying and healthy. I am in my 60s so weight loss tends to be slower. I also already exercised a lot. HIGHLY recommend this program for safe, steady way to long term weight loss maintenance

byCandice on17 Day Diet
Love it!

I started the 17 DD January 2015. I lost 15 lbs the first 17 days. It is an easy to follow diet and easy to keep off the weight. I am starting it again this week and I am hoping to lose my final 15 pounds.

byAnna on17 Day Diet
The best!

At 55 I had all but given up on getting into shape! I have arthritis, high blood pressure & depression.
In early August I purchased the series from the blog. I am currently 52 pounds down from a 24 to 16 in size. I'm off all meds but my bp one and its cut in half. People are amazed! I'm actually pain free for the first time in 10 years.
If you are sincere & stick to it it works and you won't feel deprived. Plus I love the Facebook groups!

byMirjam on17 Day Diet
a good diet

I am into cycle two for the second time and I already lost 38 lbs. Only 30lbs to go. And it is not always that easy but with help from other 17 daydieters it gets better.

byTeresa on17 Day Diet

I stayed on the diet for 17 days and only lost 3 lbs, very disappointed, I'm starting again today or else I'm going to weight watchers.


byTeresa on17 Day Diet

I stayed on the diet for 17 days and only lost 3 lbs, very disappointed, I'm starting again today or else I'm going to weight watchers.


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