Dinner Ideas for the 17 Day Diet

Help! I'm Bored with my Current Dinner Rotation and Need New Ideas!

You’re bored with your current dinner rotation and you need new + yummy ideas for you and the family…

OMG! I totally get how discouraging weight loss can be when you’re tired of eating chicken and green beans (hey, I didn’t mean to rhyme, but it sounds kinda fun!). 

Who says eating healthy has to be boring when you’re on the 17 Day Diet!?

You just want to prepare a meal that the entire family will enjoy… you know what I’m talkin’ about … The kind of dinner that everyone loves and has no idea they’re eating healthy (not even you!!).

I’ve included a bunch of ideas, recipes and ways to get inspired with your dinner menu. Check them out below!

Let’s start with the basics of healthy, but yummy eating, OK?

How to Create a 5-Dinner Meal Plan in 3 Easy Steps

How to Create a 5-Dinner Meal Plan in 3 Easy Steps – I break down my super easy 3-step process to creating your weekly dinner plan.

Dinner Ideas that are Family Friendly (Even When You’re the Only One on a “Diet”!

Check out all of my 17 Day Diet recipes.

When You’re Bored with Your Usual Salads…

7 Day Salad Challenge – here’s a complete list of unique and tasty salads for 7 days, including recipes.

And When You’re Tired of Cooking. Period.

Healthy Meals Delivered by BistroMD

BistroMD healthy meals delivered to your home – if you’re tired of plain ole cooking and you’re looking to have your meals prepared for you, check out my review of BistroMD.

Want more? Check out how my meal plan, Simple N’ Lean 17, can help you lose weight right away (with all yummy recipes that will make your tummy sing *and* shrink)!

Help! I'm bored with my current dinner rotation!

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