Chicken Apple Sausage

Chicken Apple Sausage patties are easy to make and low carb

I love sausage, but I don’t care for the store bought variety that often contains a lot of sodium and sugar (among other things). If you feel the same, then …

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Bang Bang Salmon & Broccoli Bowls

Bang Bang Salmon and Broccoli Bowls for the 17 Day Diet

If you’re looking to jazz up your regular low carb salmon dinner, look no further! This tasty Bang Bang Salmon & Broccoli Bowls recipe has flavor for days! These bang …

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Chicken Feta Spinach Burgers

These low carb Chicken Feta Spinach Burgers are perfect for the 17 Day Diet

When you’re craving a juicy hamburger, but want to keep it low carb and a little lower in fat, reach for these yummy Chicken Feta Spinach Burgers (aka patties) instead! …

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Chicken Paprikash

Chicken Paprikash lightened up to be less fat than the original Hungarian traditional version

Chicken Paprikash is a Hungarian dish that is adored by many. If you’re looking for a version of the traditional dish without all the extra fat, you’re in the right …

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Tahini Chicken Skewers

Low Carb Tahini Chicken Skewers are perfect for summer grilling season

Grilling season is here and that means it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy the little bits of charred meat from wooden skewers with this yummy Tahini Chicken …

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