A Beginners Guide and Overview of Cycle 2

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A Beginner's Guide and Overview of Cycle 2 of the 17 Day Diet

You’ve been on Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet for 17 days now and you’re finally getting the swing of things. Just as you finally get it, it’s now time to switch things up a bit. Literally.

Here is your Beginner’s Guide and Quick Overview of Cycle 2.

A Beginner's Guide and Overview of Cycle 2 of the 17 Day Diet

Cycle 2 is the Activate Cycle

If you have more weight to lose, then it’s now time to progress to Cycle 2, also known as the Activate cycle.  Cycle 2 consists of alternating between the Cycle 2 expanded list of foods and Cycle 1 days.

Quick Overview of Cycle 2

The idea of Cycle 2 is to create “body confusion” so that your metabolism does not get used to eating low caloric days as in Cycle 1.

In Cycle 2 you will alternate between high caloric days (Cycle 2 food list) and low caloric days (Cycle  1 food list) to create this confusion.

You may notice that your weight loss begins to slow down during this Cycle so make sure you take measurements as you’ll likely see more inches lost than pounds.

Cycle 2 Recap

So, for the first day of Cycle 2, you will do the following:

  • Wake Up Drink:  Within a half hour of waking, drink hot lemon water to get your digestive juices flowing.
  • Green Tea: Drink green tea with most of your meals– Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and helps promote weight loss.
  • Water: Drink eight 8-oz glasses of plain water every day.  If you can drink more, the better!
  • Eat generous amounts of lean protein and certain veggies.
  • Choose from an expanded protein list (includes beef, pork and seafood)
  • Choose two natural starches per day from Cycle 2 food list and eat by 2 pm (including grains, legumes and some starchy veggies)
  • Consume two servings of probiotics per day.
  • Eat two servings of fresh low-sugar fruit by 2pm (only fruits from the approved list).
  • Friendly Fats: Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil or Flax Seed Oil per day.
  • No sugar is allowed
  • No alcohol is allowed
  • Light exercise for 17 minutes each day
  • Only stay on Cycle 2 for 17 Days — not a day longer!

On the second day of Cycle 2, you will revert back to the Cycle 1 food list which consists of no starches and only lean cuts of poultry, turkey and some seafood.  On the third day you’ll enjoy foods on the expanded Cycle 2 food list and so on.

Sound easy enough?

What If I Still Have More Weight to Lose After Cycle 2?

If, when you’re finished with Cycle 2, you still have more weight to lose, continue to Cycle 3 before returning to a  previous cycle to lose your additional weight.

What About the Other Cycles of the 17 Day Diet?

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Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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12 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide and Overview of Cycle 2”

  1. My only issue that I run into is that I despise nearly any kind of tea I have ever tried, except Arizona types which just aren’t tea at all. I’ve tried numerous green tea varieties and to stomach it I have to make it so weak it’s barely tea anymore. If there’s anything with similar effects I’d love to hear about it. Also unsure where black coffee would fall on here, since drinks only list water and tea as okay.

    • The green tea is part of the diet for its weight loss properties. If you can’t stomach it, either omit it from your diet or consider a green tea supplement. Coffee is OK, but doesn’t count towards your total intake of water.

      • Thanks :D. I wouldn’t dream of counting coffee towards daily water intake though, I actually double the ounces of coffee I drink and add it to my daily water tally since it’s pretty much the opposite effect of water. It also keeps me more cognizant of my caffeine intake which everyone should try to be more aware of. I’ll definitely look for green tea supplements though, seems like an obvious answer now that I read it lol

        Thanks again though, your blog is a 17 Day Godsend!!!

  2. I have been on the 17dd since the July challenge. Have taken off the thirty lbs that brings me to goal. I did the recent challenge to take off the Xmas gain and I am back to goal. I am very pleased with the results, but now I am very afraid of adding foods to my regime. I have lost large amounts in the past, but like most overweight I return to bad habits over time.
    This program has gotten me into cooking healthy choices which is new for me, as I have always lived alone and ate far too much fast foods. I hope I will continue this new habit,
    and can continue to benefit from your blog
    When you get to goal, should a person continue through the full cycles, shorten the cycles, or go to maintenance (Maintenance is scared)
    Thank you
    Sharon Mackintosh

    • Hi Sharon, congrats on reaching your goal! You could do a loose version of C4 and basically follow maybe a C3 and during the weekend enjoy only one meal that’s off plan. Would this work for you?


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