17 Day Diet Cycle Food Lists

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The 17 Day Diet is probably one of the least restrictive diets in terms of the food you are allowed to eat.  

Granted, Cycle 1 eliminates most carbs and all sugar, but new foods are added in to each cycle as you progress through the diet allowing you to really get a sense of a new lifestyle of eating.  

Here are links to the food lists for each cycle.

17 Day Diet Cycle 1 Food List

17 Day Diet Cycle 2 Food List

17 Day Diet Cycle 3 Food List

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  1. I would be much more inclined to purchase if the prices were at par for Canadians. The info is downloaded and not shipped. Just a thought :)

    • Hi Angie! Thanks for your feedback. Over the last 8-9 years I’ve looked at every option for pricing for Canadians. With my audience mainly in the US, the expense for charging other currencies is just too great with the foreign exchange rate and other costs involved, and doesn’t make a lot of sense to go that route. I do have some Canadian customers though and always appreciate feedback.


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