Food Index

Food Index Organized by Food Type In Alphabetical Order

Here is an index for all 17 Day Diet approved foods, organized in alphabetical order by food type.

Note: if you don’t find a particular vegetable or fruit on the list, it’s safe to assume it’s approved starting on Cycle 3.​

A – BCD – IJ – KL – MN – OPQ – ST – VW – Z

Food Types – A through B

Alfalfa  C3
Amaranth C2C3
Apricots  C3
Artichoke heartsC1C2C3
Avocado (1/4 fruit = 1 serving)  C3
Bacon, Canadian  C3
Bacon, Turkey  C3
Bagel, Whole-grain (1/2 = 1 serving)  C3
Bananas  C3
Barley, pearled C2C3
Beans, Baby Lima C2C3
Beans, black C2C3
Beans, butter C2C3
Beans, Garbanzo (chickpeas) C2C3
Beans, Great northern C2C3
Beans, Kidney C2C3
Beans, Navy C2C3
Beans, Pinto C2C3
Beans, Soy C2C3
Beef round tip C2C3
Beef top loin C2C3
Beef top sirloin C2C3
Bell peppers, green, orange, red, yellowC1C2C3
Berries, all typesC1C2C3
Black-eyed peas C2C3
Bread, Fiber-enriched  C3
Bread, Gluten-free  C3
Bread, Multigrain  C3
Bread, Oat bran  C3
Bread, Pumpernickel  C3
Bread, Rye  C3
Bread, Sugar-free  C3
Breadfruit (1 serving = 1 cup) C2C3
Broccoli sprouts  C3
Broth, Low-fat, low-sodiumC1C2C3
Brown rice C2C3
Brussels sproutsC1C2C3
Bulgar C2C3

Food Types – C

Cereal, All-Bran  C3
Cereal, All-Bran Bran Buds  C3
Cereal, All-Bran Extra  C3
Cereal, Fiber One  C3
Cereal, Gluten-free cold cereals  C3
Cheese, Brie (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Cheddar, low-fat (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Edam (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Feta (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Goat (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Limburger (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Mozzarella, part-skim (2 ounces = 1 serving)  C3
Cheese, Ricotta Low-fat (1/2 cup = 1 serving)  C3
Cheeses, fat-freeC1C2C3
Cherries  C3
Chicken breastsC1C2C3
Chilies  C3
Cilantro  C3
Clams C2C3
Cooking spray, vegetableC1C2C3
Corn (1 serving = ½ cup) C2C3
Cornish Hen  C3
Cottage cheese, Breakstone LiveActive (1/2 c = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Cottage Cheese, Low-fat (1/2 cup = 1 serving)  C3
Couscous C2C3
Crab C2C3
Cracked wheat  C3
Cream of wheat C2C3
Currants  C3

Food Types – D through I

Deli Meat, Turkey (reduced-fat)  C3
Egg Whites (4 egg whites = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Eggs (2 eggs = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Eye of the round C2C3
Fennel  C3
Figs  C3
Flank Steak C2C3
Frozen fruit bar  C3
Fudgsicle, 100 calorie bar  C3
Granola bar, reduced sugar and fat  C3
Granola, low-sugar (1/2 = 1 serving)  C3
Grape Leaves  C3
Green beansC1C2C3
Green, leafy vegetablesC1C2C3
Greens, beatC1C2C3
Greens, collardC1C2C3
Greens, turnipC1C2C3
Grits C2C3
Guava  C3

Food Types – J through K

Jams and jellies, sugar-freeC1C2C3
Jicama  C3
Kefir, no sugar added(1 cup = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Kelp and other edible seaweeds  C3
Ketchup, low-carbC1C2C3
Kimichi (Korean fermented cabbage) (1/2 c = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Kiwi  C3
Kohlrabi  C3
Kumquats  C3

Food Types – L through M

Lamb shanks C2C3
Lamb sirloin roast C2C3
Lean ground beef C2C3
Lentils C2C3
Lettuce, all varietiesC1C2C3
Mango  C3
Margarines, Reduced-calorie (2 tablespoons = 1 serving)  C3
Margarines, Trans-free (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)  C3
Marinara sauce, low-carbC1C2C3
Mayonnaise (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)  C3
Mayonnaise, light (2 tablespoons = 1 serving  C3
Microwave popcorn, light (4 cups)  C3
Milk, Acidophilus, low-fat (1 cup = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Milk, Almond sugar-free (1 cup = 1 serving)  C3
Milk, Low-fat, including skim (1 cup = 1 serving)  C3
Milk, Rice sugar free (1 cup = 1 serving)  C3
Milk, Soy sugar-free (1 cup = 1 serving)  C3
Millet C2C3
Mini Babybell Light cheese – 2 disks  C3
Miso, reduced-salt dissolved in low-fat, low-sodium broth (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Mussels C2C3

Food Types – N through O

Noodles, Miracle  C3
Noodles, Udon  C3
Nopales (edible cactus)  C3
Nuts, un-oiled (2 tablespoons = 1 serving)  C3
Oat bran C2C3
Oatmeal, old-fashioned C2C3
Oil, Canola (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)  C3
Oil, FlaxseedC1C2C3
Oil, OliveC1C2C3
Oil, Walnut (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)  C3
Oysters C2C3

Food Types – P

Papaya  C3
Pasta, Gluten-free  C3
Pasta, High-fiber  C3
Pasta, Vegetable-based  C3
Pasta, Whole-wheat  C3
Pea pods  C3
Peas C2C3
Pheasant  C3
Pineapple  C3
Pita bread, Whole-wheat, 1 pocket  C3
Pomegranate  C3
Pork boneless loin roast C2C3
Pork sirloin chops C2C3
Pork Tenderloin C2C3
Pork top or center loin chops C2C3
Potato (1 serving = 1 medium) C2C3
Prickly pear cactusC1C2C3
Pumpkin (1 serving = 1/2 cup)** C2C3

Food Types – Q through S

Quail  C3
Quinoa C2C3
Radishes  C3
Red grapesC1C2C3
Rhubarb  C3
Rice, Longer grain such as basmati C2C3
Rutabaga  C3
Salad dressing, fat-freeC1C2C3
Salad dressings (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)  C3
Salad dressings, reduced-fat (2 tablespoons = 1 serving)  C3
Salmon, canned or freshC1C2C3
Sauerkraut (1/2 c = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Sausage, Turkey  C3
Scallops C2C3
Seaweeds  C3
Seeds, un-oiled (2 tablespoons = 1 serving)  C3
Shrimp C2C3
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich  C3
Sour cream, fat-freeC1C2C3
Soy sauce, lightC1C2C3
Split peas C2C3
Squash, Acorn (1 cup = 1 serving) C2C3
Squash, Butternut (1 cup = 1 serving) C2C3
Squash, Spaghetti (1 cup = 1 serving) C2C3
Squash, Summer  C3
String cheese – 1 piece  C3
Sugar-free pudding cup  C3
Sweet potato (1 serving = 1 medium) C2C3
Swiss Chard  C3

Food Types – T through V

Tangelo  C3
Tangerine  C3
Taro (1 serving = ½ cup) C2C3
Tempeh (a fermented cake of pressed soybeans) (4 oz = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Top Round C2C3
Top Sirloin Steak C2C3
Tortilla, Whole-wheat (10” = 1 serving)  C3
Truvia or Nectresse (non-caloric sweeteners made from natural ingredients)C1C2C3
Tuna, light (canned in water)C1C2C3
Turkey breastsC1C2C3
Turkey, ground leanC1C2C3
Veal cutlet C2C3

Food Types – W through Z

Yakult (small 50-calorie bottle)C1C2C3
Yam (1 serving = 1 medium) C2C3
Yellow wax beans  C3
Yogurt, Fruit Flavored no sugar added (6oz = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Yogurt, Greek-Style (6oz = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Yogurt, Low-Fat (6oz = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Yogurt, Plain (6oz = 1 serving)C1C2C3
Zucchini  C3

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