Cycle 1 Overview

Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet is all about lean proteins such as chicken and fish, cleaning vegetables and low sugar fruits.

Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet (also known as the Accelerate Cycle), is the first cycle in a total of four.

The first cycle concentrates on detoxing your body and rapid weight loss by eating unlimited lean proteins such as chicken, fish and eggs, and unlimited quantities of cleansing vegetables such as carrots, green beans and broccoli to keep you full, providing a nutritional quality for your mind and body, and keeping you energized and motivated to endure the 17 days of Cycle 1.

The Accelerate Cycle directs you to abstain from sugar and starchy foods such as white breads, pasta, and potatoes while enjoying the benefits of a low-fat diet.

Cycle 1 encourages dieters to enjoy at least 2 probiotic per day to enhance your digestive health along with low-sugar fruits such as berries, apples and plums. All your carbohydrates in Cycle 1 are coming from the low-sugar fruit and must be eaten by 2pm.

In addition to the food choices in Cycle 1, it is also recommended to have an 8 oz cup of hot lemon water every morning when you first wake up– in the 17 Day Diet book thing morning ritual is known as your “wake up drink”.

The hot lemon water helps stimulate your digestive juices. Also encouraged is drinking green tea with every meal as it promotes weight loss through its many health benefits.

Drinking at least eight 8 oz glasses of water every day is required to help the extra fiber you’re consuming digest with ease.

Here is the 17 Day Diet Cycle 1 Food List.

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