My BistroMD Review: What I Liked, Loved & More!

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My BistroMD Review for weight loss

If you’re busy like me in the new year and you need a bit of extra help in the kitchen so you don’t have to worry about what to make for dinner and still lose weight eating yummy real food, then you may want to check out my BistroMD review below and find out the deets on how yummy their meals are!

The start of 2023 means you’re all about losing weight, working on your health and wellness goals and trying to keep the momentum going for as long as possible!

Trying to accomplish this (and more) with all you have going on with family and kids AND trying to get healthy dinners on the table can be super overwhelming.

When you have Bistro MD prepared meals waiting for you in your freezer, it makes working on your health goals THAT much easier! Plus, who doesn’t love having a private chef at their disposal at the fraction of the cost!

My BistroMD Review includes photos of the meals I ate, what I thought about them and if I'd order them again


Remember the time when you started a new diet and you were super excited? The first 7-10 days you see results and you are elated!

Fast forward to day 14 and you’re barely able to stomach the same tasteless, dry chicken breast and green veggie meal that you’ve come to know so well.

You’ve lost a few pounds, but now you’re craving a piece of chocolate cake (or just a bite) and you can’t stand the thought of another boring dinner.

Sound familiar?

That’s me!

You too?

I give up. I get bored with the same “diet” meals day in and day out, get too busy and stressed to cook healthy, and get discouraged because my meals lack variety.

Perhaps you give up, too. You go right back to where you started. Back to your old eating habits.

I had a complete change in mindset when I was contacted by BistroMD to try their BistroMD meals.

I thought, “WOW! This IS the answer I’ve been searching for!”

My seven-day delivery was the BEST week of my weight loss experience!

Here’s how it all started…

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my shipment arrived – a huge brown box full of frozen meals for the week!

BistroMD box delivered right to my door!

And the box was much bigger than I imagined it to be. The food was tightly packed and frozen – it survived the shipping process with no issues!

My 17 Day Diet Meal Delivery Service by BistroMD

I love it when shipped meals are neatly organized and still frozen. This makes it so much easier to put them in the freezer without worrying about thawing food.

My 17 Day Diet frozen meals shipped to my door!

[Disclosure: Bistro MD sent me a seven-day complimentary meal delivery for Cycle 1 so I could review their service for blog readers.]

I panicked.

Where in the heck was I going to store all of this food for the next week?

This box contained 21 frozen meals – three meals per day for seven days (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

I quickly emptied my freezer of all the “foods” I wasn’t eating – this included the flour I had been storing for years, the freezer-burned leftovers I decided to save for a rainy day and the other types of frozen “things” that I was no longer able to identify.

At that moment, I was forced to inventory all of the useless and unhealthy items crowding my freezer space and make a conscious decision to rid the dead weight and to start fresh.

My freezer before my 17 Day Diet Delivery service arrived
My Freezer Before…

I systematically organized the meals by day and labeled them using post-it-notes to help me keep track of when I was supposed to eat each meal.

How does my freezer look now?

My freezer organized with 17 Day Diet approved frozen meals
My Freezer After!

My Personal Bistro MD Review: My Take On the Meals!

I won’t go into daily details about each meal because quite frankly, that would take way too long to write (and who has the time to read a long review, anyhow?)!

However, I do want to give you an overall review of how the food tasted, how it made me feel afterward and how I feel now that I don’t have the prepared meals readily available in my freezer.

I really enjoyed most of the meals. I have fond memories of actually being able to taste the smokiness of the grill marks on the grilled chicken dishes.

Yes, the grilled chicken took me back to those summer BBQs. It was THAT good!

The breakfasts were quite tasty — the omelets surprisingly cooked up nicely in the microwave and the crepe dishes were my favorite breakfast meals.

The one crepe dish that stood out for me above the rest was on Day 6 when I had the pleasure of feasting on one of the Bistro MD meals called Chicken and Mushroom Crepe with Waldorf Apples.

The savory chicken and mushroom combination in my crepe was out of this world! I’d gladly enjoy this meal again for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I’ve always been a fan of eating left over dinner for breakfast, so the chicken and mushroom crepe, for me, was to die for!

I want more, please!

My BistroMD Review - Chicken and Mushroom Crepes with Waldorf Apples. This was delivered right to my door and 17 Day Diet approved!
Chicken and Mushroom Crepes with Waldorf Apples

Another favorite breakfast item of my BistroMD review were the meals that featured the chicken sausage – days 5 and 7.

The sausage seemed a bit salty at first bite, but after digging in, these juicy morsels of yummy goodness quite literally burst bold flavors into my mouth.

I couldn’t get enough (I actually savored every single bite forcing myself to eat slowly, enjoying every ounce).

My BistroMD Review: The chicken sausage was to die for in these 17 Day Diet approved delivered meals by BistroMD
Omelet with Chicken Sausage

Day 4’s Chicken Paprikash was so full of smoky Paprika flavor and the chicken breast chunks were tender and moist.

I’m a sucker for Paprika, so this was definitely a lunchtime BistroMD favorite of mine.

My BistroMD Review: Chicken Paprikash was an excellent addition to my weekly menu. 17 Day Diet meal delivery service
Chicken Paprikash

The roasted Turkey Diablo was also another stand out star of my Bistro MD review!

The Diablo Sauce was spicy (I’m a spicy kinda gal), and the shoestring carrots were so crunchy and fresh, it was as if my own private chef prepared my meal using ingredients straight from my garden!

My BistroMD Review: Roasted Turkey Diablo was hot and spicy. This was my 17 Day Diet approved meal delivery service!
Roasted Turkey Diablo

Another favorite dinner meal was actually Day 1’s Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach and Feta accompanied by baby carrots and green beans almandine.

My BistroMD Review: My 17 Day Diet Delivery meal consisted of chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta.
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach and Feta

The chicken breast was just that – an entire chicken breast! This was not your weird, spongy-fake-kind-of-chicken you’d normally get in your supermarket’s freezer section.

The full chicken breast was more tender and moist than my own home-cooked chicken breasts, and the feta cheese just added a small kick of saltiness you normally wouldn’t expect from a “diet” dish.

My Bistro MD Reviews Score

I give my BistroMD experience an A-.

A few of my meals contained a bit more moisture than I would normally expect after re-heating.  I’m not sure if this was intentional to keep certain meals moist during the re-heating process or some other reason.  Other than that, the food was literally out of this world!

The 17 Day Diet Meals were even better than my home-cooked meals and I’m a pretty good cook! Even though the meals were frozen, they were very fresh, and I did not feel like I was on a diet for any portion of the seven days.

Quite frankly, I was so satisfied and satiated after most meals, I found myself not needing any additional snacks in between meals.

Even though I have decided not to weigh myself this last go round, once the week of meal delivery service was complete, I felt lighter. My clothes fit better and my energy level was at an all-time high.

I’ve tried several “diet” frozen meals you buy in the grocery store. Most, if not all of these meals, contain pasta, rice or some other form of carbohydrate as the main dish. These other frozen meals always caused me digestive issues, bloating and left me hungry for more.

The 17 Day Diet Meals Are Like No Other!

The 17 Day Diet Delivery meal service was like no other frozen meals I’ve ever had before.  These meals contain real ingredients that you can pronounce. This is real food and real flavor.

The one HUGE difference for me was actually plating my food after it had been re-heated.  Plating is actually suggested right on the packaging.

Eating your meal on a beautiful dinner plate definitely changes your mindset and you can easily image you’re eating a gourmet meal without all the time-consuming prep “work” involved.

If you’re a numbers gal like myself, here’s a quick overview of my week:

I received 21 frozen meals delivered to my door.

The average caloric intake for each meal for my delivery was:

Breakfast: 288.57 calories
Lunch: 271.42 calories
Dinner: 302.85 calories

Total average calories per day: 861 calories

I understand the menu varies from time to time, so your caloric intake may be slightly different than my week.

Remember, you’ll want to supplement your meals with healthful snacks if you find yourself hungry in between meal times.

Make sure you have your daily probiotics, and two servings of fruit if your delivered meals don’t already contain a serving of fruit.

Bistro MD Reviews Take-A-Way:You Get High Value In This Program

The BistroMD cost of the meal delivery service is roughly $185 for the week (there are various meal plans and costs to choose from). The service includes three meals per day for a total of seven days.

When you break it down, it amounts to only $26 a day or $8 a meal, and you get to spend more time with the family because the prep work has been done for you!

You may also get free shipping for life, depending on the current promotion! Check out the meal delivery site for a Bistro MD coupon for various promotions running at any time. Right now they have 25% off your very first order!

My Added Bonus: My grocery bill was cut in half for the week!

What you get is real food and real value.

You also get peace of mind knowing that your next meal has been prepared for you — all you have to do is heat and serve.

What I achieved was guaranteed success. I was completely satisfied throughout the entire seven days. Not once did I ask myself after a long day at work, “Oh, what should I make for dinner tonight?”

As a matter of fact, I’d peek at my menu for my next meal. That’s how excited I was and how much I looked forward to the next experience.

This Bistro MD diet delivery service is ideal if you are bored with your current menu, are ready to throw in the towel because you’re exhausted and don’t feel like cooking anymore, or want to jumpstart your weight loss with an innovative and palette-pleasing menu created to inspire you to reach your goals.

Now that my meal delivery service ended a few weeks ago, I find myself craving the awe-inspiring creations.

How is it possible for a frozen meal made with very few preservatives leave such a lasting impression?

Experience the meal delivery for yourself to understand the impact it will have on you.

I will admit one thing — the only downside to this meal delivery service was the complaining boyfriend who finally grew tired of eating sandwiches all week while I ate gourmet!

P.S. I REALLY think this is going to be the push you need to jumpstart your weight loss for 2015. It’s a no-brainer.

P.S.S. Your first order must be made by Sunday at Midnight (EST) in order for your meal delivery to arrive the following week.  Get on it!

Get Started Today with Your 17 Day Diet Meal Delivery Service

Get more information on the BistroMD Delivery Service.

You’re not the 17 Day Diet or any particular diet for that matter? No problem! Bistro MD has several plans that are customizable to your dietary restrictions. Get more information on BistroMD’s Meal Delivery Services.

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My Updated Bistro MD Reviews (2023)

I always want to make sure a service is still providing quality food, so I tried Bistro MD meals again to make sure they’re still up to my standards (which are pretty high!).

Here are a few more meals I’ve tried and my thoughts on each:

Bistro MD Meal 1: Steak and Egg Scramble

When I first ordered this particular meal, I wasn’t sure how the steak would turn out. Especially if the meat was already cooked.

Would re-heating in the microwave make the beef tough? That’s usually the case in my experience!

However, it appeared that the steak was possibly not cooked all the way (I can’t confirm this, but check it out for yourself below). 

My Bistro MD Reviews - Steak and Egg Scramble by BistroMD Frozen and Ready to Reheat!

And if this was the case, it’s likely the reason why the thinly sliced cuts of beef were so TENDER after I nuked the meal for a few minutes! 

It was so tender that no knife was required! Talk about YUMMY!

My Bistro MD Reviews - Steak and Egg Scramble by BistroMD plated to look beautiful

What I love about the BistroMD meal packaging was the reminder that presentation is really important.

BistroMD recommends you plate your food on regular plates, so that’s exactly what I did for each meal. See? Doesn’t it make such a huge difference plated? I sure think so!

Bistro MD Meal 2: Beef Stroganoff

I make a mean Beef Stroganoff, so I’m very picky when it comes to this dish made by others!

I was pleasantly surprised as this Beef Stroganoff from Bistro MD comes in at a close second to my own dish!

My Bistro MD Reviews - Beef Stroganoff

Bistro MD Meal 3: Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pomodoro

While I was making this meal, I had my 9-year nephew taste test with me (I feasted on all the other meals while he was at school). I’ll give you his thoughts on this dish in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about what I liked about this Bistro MD meal. Like all the other chicken dishes I tried, the chicken was extremely tender. 

I love feta cheese, but there was not enough in this dish to overpower the flavors, which was a good thing! Remember, a little bit goes a long way!

My Bistro MD reviews - Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pomodoro by BistroMD

As you can see from the photo above, BistroMD thoughtfully takes the time to stuff the chicken with spinach and feta. 

I’m not a huge tomato sauce fan, but the Pomodoro Sauce over the chicken was not overpowering and had a perfectly tomato flavor without being too zesty.

Bistro MD Reviews: Other 7 Meals I’ve Tried

If you’re interested in taking a peek at the other 7 meals I recently tried from Bistro MD, you can check out my BRAND NEW experience and thoughts of healthy meals delivered by Bistro MD!

I’ve tried new Bistro MD meals and previously ordered meals to make sure their quality is the same, if not better.  Click here to read my updated review. 

There are affiliate links in this review. If you click on a link and decide to purchase, I may earn a small commission. However, I only recommend products of high quality. The 17 Day Diet Delivery Service is highly recommended.