17 Day Kickstart Diet Food List

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet Food list contains all the food items from the book by Dr. Mike Moreno, but organized by food type in a better-to-understand format

The brand new 17 Day Kickstart Diet Book published by Dr. Mike Moreno in December 2021, uses his original 17 Day Diet to build the foundation of this new plant-forward way of eating.

Quick Overview of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet is 17 days long with three distinct phases.

The first three days of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet is called the 3-Day Scrub Phase where you’ll eat more plant forward foods to help release toxins.

The next four days (days 4 through 7) of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet is called the 4-Day Soak Up Phase where you’ll continue to eat the same foods, but add in new additions of food. 

The main idea behind the 4-Day Soak Up phase is to feel full and satisfied.

Finally, the last 10 days of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet is called the 10-Day Stabilize Phase. 

It’s during this last phase where you’ll add in different animal based proteins, more starchy vegetables and whole grains such as oats, breads and pastas. 

The main idea behind the 10-Day Stabilize phase is to stabilize your health, lifestyle and eating habits.

Here are the approved foods by phase taken directly from his book, but organized by food type in an easier-to-understand format.

The 3-Day Scrub Food List

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet 3-Day Scrub Phase Approved Food List

The following foods are approved for all phases of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet, so this particular list will be used throughout the entire 17 days, with each phase adding in additional foods.

To start, the first three days of the diet, also know as the 3-Day Scrub phase, focuses on detoxing from toxins by relying on the following approved foods:

Non-Starchy Vegetables (eat as much as you need):

Leafy Greens: 
Bok Choy
Mustard Greens 

Salad Greens: 
Romaine Lettuce
Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuce
Butter Lettuce
Baby Greens

Sprouts and microgreens:
Sunflower Sprouts
Broccoli Sprouts
Alfalfa Sprouts
Daikon Sprouts
Broccoli Microgreens
Kale Microgreens
Mixed Microgreens 

Cruciferous Vegetables: 
Broccoli (And Riced Broccoli)
Cauliflower (And Riced Cauliflower—There Are Several Commercial Frozen Versions Available)
Brussels Sprouts

All Other Non Starchy Vegetables:
Zucchini, zucchini noodles or “zoodles”
Yellow Squash 
Bell peppers (orange, red, green, yellow) 
Green peas
Snap peas 
Green beans
Onion Scallions/green onion

Pickled/Fermented Foods:

Pickles, dill relish (no added sugar)
Sauerkraut (check salt content on all these; it should stay under 100 mg of sodium per serving)

Starchy Vegetables (Limit 2 Servings before 2pm):

Sweet potatoes
Orange squash like butternut and kabocha

Low Sugar Fruits (Limit 2 Servings by 2pm):

Blackberries, fresh or frozen
Green apples

Protein (Plant Based/Legumes):

Dried Peas
Hummus (but make sure hummus is oil-free or made with olive oil, no canola or other inflammatory oils—or make your own)
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Navy Beans
Kidney Beans
White Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Quinoa (Torey’s note: this is a complete protein and added to this section for clarity)

Protein (Fish/Animal-Based):

Fish, especially fish that is low in mercury such as:
Sardines, canned in water or olive oil
Wild salmon, fresh, smoked, or canned in water (Wild Planet is a good source for high-quality canned sardines and salmon)
Rainbow trout
Atlantic mackerel
Sole Whitefish
Chicken: Per Dr. Mike’s Book, if you must have chicken in the first 3 days, try Organic, Free-Range Chicken

Healthy Fats: Seeds/Seed Butters/Dairy Free Alternatives:

Sunflower butter (in moderation: serving amount = 1 tablespoon once a day)
Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed butter (serving amounts = 2 tablespoons unsalted seeds, 1 tablespoon pumpkin seed butter)
Ground flaxseeds
Hemp seeds
Chia seeds
Sesame seeds
Quinoa (Torey’s Note: this is a complete protein. Also added to the plant-based protein list for clarity)
Unsweetened flax milk and unsweetened hemp milk
Canned light coconut milk (½ cup = 1 serving)

Healthy Fats (for cooking/drizzling/recipes):

Olive oil (best if drizzled on prepared food rather than used during cooking)
Avocado oil or avocado oil spray (good smoking point, best choice for cooking oil)
Coconut oil
Sesame oil
Avocado (cut off any brown or black spots, which are caused by oxidation; same goes for any visible mold)

Vinegars/Broths/Coconut-Based Foods:

Apple cider vinegar, raw (such as Bragg)
Rice vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Bone broth: chicken, beef, turkey (all low-sodium)
Vegetable broth (low-sodium)
Coconut milk (check ingredients for no additives, Native Forest organic unsweetened recommended – Torey’s note: “canned light coconut milk was also listed in the book)
Coconut water (in moderation)


Chili powder
Red pepper flakes
Cumin powder
Curry powder
Sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, kosher salt
Black pepper
Pesto sauce
Soy sauce
Coconut aminos


Organic green tea
Dandelion root and leaf tea
Nettle tea
Peppermint tea
Ginger tea
Dandelion “coffee”

Natural Sweeteners:

Raw honey (local when possible; 1 teaspoon = 1 serving)
Organic maple syrup (2 teaspoons = 1 serving)
100% whole stevia leaf with no sugar alcohols added (such as erythritol)
100% pure monk fruit with no sugar alcohols added (such as erythritol)
Vanilla extract

The 4-Day Soak Up Food List

The next four days of the diet (days 4 through 7), also known as the 4-Day Soak Up Phase, put an emphasis on a few new additions.

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet 4-Day Soak Up Phase approved food list

In the 4-Day Soak Up Phase, you get to include all of the foods from the previous 3-Day Scrub Phase, but the following new foods:

Protein (animal based):

Eggs (free-range, organic)
Chicken Note from book: You may eat chicken as needed, just like in the Scrub phase.





Note: bananas were NOT listed under the “new foods” section. However, they were listed under the recap of the “Scrub” food list under the 4-Day Soak Up Chapter + listed in Soak Up Recipes section.


Basil (fresh)
Rosemary (fresh)

Fermented/Pickled Foods:

Pickled ginger
Pickles (look for pickles with no added sugar) (Torey’s note: this was already on the scrub list)


Dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher; 1 serving = 1 ounce)
Cacao (powder or nibs)

The 10-Day Stabilize Food List

During the 10-Day Stabilize Phase (days 8 through 17), you can eat all foods from the previous two phases including vegetables and starchy vegetables, per the book.

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet 10-Day Stabilize Phase Approved Food List

Dr. Mike mentions that you get “extra credit” for leafy greens, artichokes, jicama, and sweet potatoes. 

The following additional foods are approved for the 10-Day Stabilize phase:

Whole cooked grains:

Brown rice

Whole grain breads:

Whole wheat pita
Whole wheat tortilla
Sprouted whole wheat
Multigrain bread
Rye (100% whole)
Bavarian Rye
Fermented sourdough bread
Gluten-free breads and tortillas

Plant-Based Pasta:

Quinoa pasta
Whole wheat pasta
Lentil pasta

Low Sugar Fruit:

All fruits, with an emphasis on low-sugar fruits such as:

Other Fruits:

Prickly pear cactus
Red grapes

Cooking Oils/Butters:

Olive oil
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Butter (grass-fed)
Ghee (preferably organic)

Other Healthy Fats:

All nuts*
All seeds*
Nut butters, preferably organic (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)

Protein (Fish/Seafood/Animal Based):

Fish, with an emphasis on wild-caught salmon and sardines
Eggs (limit to 6 total eggs per week)
Poultry (1 serving = 4 to 6 ounces)
Beef (1 serving = 4 to 6 ounces)
Pork (1 serving = 4 to 6 ounces)
Lamb (1 serving = 4 to 6 ounces)

Protein (Plant Based):

Beans, lentils (Torey’s note: these were originally on 3-Day Scrub list)
Buckwheat (Torey’s note: this is classified as a seed)


All spices and herbs, with an emphasis on:

Natural sweeteners (no more than 2 teaspoons per serving):

Raw honey
Maple syrup
Coconut sugar
Coconut syrup


Green tea (or one cup of coffee or black tea a day if preferred) 

Specific Dairy Foods:

Kefir (1 serving = 4 ounces)—preferably organic, unflavored (since flavored varieties have more sugar)

Yogurt (1 serving = 6 ounces)—preferably organic, whole-fat (not skim, which usually has more sugar content). You can also try nut-based yogurts, and sheep or goat milk yogurt.  Greek yogurt is optimal.

Note in Book Regarding Yogurt: By Dr. Moreno directly, “Avoid sweetened yogurts; if you do have them (or any packaged food), stay under 12 grams of sugar per serving. The best way to sweeten yogurt is to add fresh fruit (such as mashed-up berries) or 1 teaspoon maple syrup (only about 4 grams of sugar, and it takes only this much to enhance sweetness).”

Cheese (easy-to-digest examples from the book):

Blue Cheese

(1 serving = 1 ounce, equivalent to 1 thin slice or 2 small cubes, about the size of a pair of dice)

Fermented Drinks:


Note about Kombucha: Directly from the book by Dr. Moreno, “One serving should not exceed 12 grams of sugar—the lower, the better, of course, because not only is there less sugar but there is also more probiotic content. Most bottles of kombucha can easily be separated into two servings.”


Directly from the book, “* Choose unsalted nuts and seeds, to avoid excess sodium. And if you can get raw, sprouted seeds, that’s ideal for the nutritional profile.”


Directly from the book, “** Shellfish such as lobster and crab are often served at restaurants with copious amounts of butter, so if you’re eating out, ask for your shellfish without butter for dipping. It’s delicious enough on its own! (Or with a cilantro pesto, perhaps!)”

Foods to avoid or eat less of during the 17 Day Kickstart Diet

Foods to Avoid During 3-Day Scrub Phase

In the 17 Day Kickstart Diet book, Dr. Moreno has a long list of foods to avoid during the first 3 days of the diet. Here they are directly from the book:

Beef, pork, lamb, and any other land-animal meat other than chicken
Processed meats: deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, sausage
Processed fake meats: Beyond Burger, Impossible Foods, tofurkey, etc.
Fast food (anything from a drive-thru is fast food—yes, even the fruit cup)
Fried foods
All dairy and all grains
High-starch veggies: potatoes (other than sweet potatoes), corn, carrots, beets
Dried fruits
All artificial sweeteners
All added sugars (outside of small amounts of raw honey)
The 3 C’s: canola oil, corn oil, and cottonseed oil (because they can cause or contribute to inflammation)
The 3 S’s: soybean oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil (because they can cause or contribute to inflammation)

Foods to Eat Less of During 10-Day Stabilize Phase

In his book, Dr. Moreno makes it a point to take the word “never” off the table when it comes to describing foods he’d like you to eat less of during the 10-Day Stabilize Phase.

Some of the foods he’d like you to eat less of include the following:

  • Fast food you’d get at a drive thru
  • Fried foods (including anything breaded with a white-flour based batter)
  • Foods containing white flour such as breads and pastas
  • Milk and cream
  • All sugars (with the exception of those he listed as approved in each phase)
  • Excessive caffeine (more than 200mg/day which amounts to about two cups of coffee)
  • Alcohol (a drink or two after your first 17 days is OK if you absolutely need it)

A Simple 17 Day Kickstart Diet Meal Plan

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The 17 Day Kickstart Diet Challenge and meal plan

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Is A Simple 17 Day Kickstart Diet Meal Plan 100% Vegetarian?

This meal plan follows the Kickstart Diet 100%. Even though the Kickstart Diet is a plat forward way of eating, animal based proteins are still allowed during different phases of the diet.

My A Simple 17 Day Kickstart Diet Meal Plan follows this same concept.

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Vegetarian Recipes for the 17 Day Kickstart Diet

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Where to Buy The 17 Day Kickstart Diet Book

The easiest way to order the 17 Day Kickstart Diet book is on amazon. You can order that here.

Sure, you can probably start the diet by reading my 17 Day Kickstart Diet book review, but I feel like the book is a great starting place, too!

The complete list of approved foods for the 17 Day Kickstart Diet including the 3-Day Scrub Phase, the 4-Day Soak Up Phase and the 10-Day Stabilize Phase

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  1. Is there an updated PDF of the 3 day scrub, 4 day soak up and 10 day stabilize?
    All the printable available are in reference to the old 17 day diet with each phase being 17 days.

    • Hi Amy. As of now, I don’t have a PDF quick start guide for the Kickstart Diet. This is actually a BRAND NEW diet, so the original 17DD quick start guide will stay as-is and a separate printable PDF for the Kickstart Diet will be forthcoming in the next few months.

      It will take some time to get something together. So in addition to the info on this food list, you can also check out my book review that goes over each phase of the new diet. If you haven’t seen this post yet, you can heck it out here: https://17ddblog.com/17-day-kickstart-diet-book-review/

  2. In the original17 day diet, it is indicated that one could lose up to 12 pounds by the end of the first 17 days (cycle 1). What is the expected or potential weight loss at the end of the 17 days for the Kickstart program?

    • Hi Julie, I don’t have any real world data yet, but I am hosting our first 17 Day Kickstart Challenge at the moment, and there were a few who lost 5 pounds in the first week, so I’ll know more in about 9-10 days or so to see what the final average weight loss was.

  3. I am confused I ordered the kickstart book and nowhere in the book does it talk about the four cycles! where can I specifically get the 4 cycles? I’d like the four cycles & everything I read about it online is what I like about it and that’s why I ordered the kickstart book but it doesn’t say anything about the four cycles! where can I specifically get The details of the four cycles so I can follow it?

    • Hi Donna! Dr. Mike created the original 17 Day Diet back in 2010 (it’s the one with the 4 cycles) and just recently created the Kickstart diet that is more plant forward and only 17 days. The food list you’re commenting on is the new diet. If you want info on the original, you can take a look here:


      My blog is mainly for the original, but you’ll also find info on the Kickstart, too. The navigation menu on the blog has it separated into two different menus.

  4. I’m a return 17 day dieter (from the original) and I recently found the Kickstart diet! I have a question, though… After I do the Kickstart, can I go back to original 17 days diet cycle one? Should I keep repeating Kickstart with those food lists for it? OR Can I those 2 diets going back and forth?? I apologize if you have already explained somewhere! I purchased the Kickstart just right now without reading Dr. Moreno.

    • Hi Remi! The 17 Day Kickstart Diet is its own separate diet, so you can keep going through that particular diet if you want until your goal is met. If you want to switch between the two separate diets, that would be OK too. At the end of the day, do what works best for you!

      • I LOST 11 LBS on the old original 17 day diet during the very first 17 day cycle. (the most difficult cycle for most of us) Then I went on to lose a total of 42 lbs in just a couple months. Not hungry at all and it did work great. This looks iffy to be honest, ya know? The new additions–(NO EGGS, SWEET POTATOES are ALLOWED, CHEESE ALLOWED, HONEY ALLOWED}
        Let us know if this works for you. I am kind of skeptical…LOL

        • Congrats on your success on the original 17DD!

          The 17 Day Kickstart Diet, although a separate diet, really is a more modern twist on the original. The Kickstart Diet allows for eggs starting on day 4. The original diet DID allow for cheese (in moderation under the condiment section), so it’s not new technically. Sweet potatoes were allowed in Cycle 2 of the original. Honey would be the only new addition if you’re comparing the two.

          The Kickstart Diet is great for those who want more flexibility and it has definitely worked for many!


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