Quick Cycle Reference

Quick Cycle Reference for the 17 Day Diet

Have you ever sat and wondered when a certain type of protein is allowed on the 17 Day Diet?

Well in this Quick Cycle Reference Cheat Sheet, I give you a birds-eye view of the 17 Day Diet.

If you want a more in-depth look at certain types of foods and the cycles they are allowed in, you can either check out my 17 Day Diet Food Index (it’s in alphabetical order) or check out my Cycle Food Lists for the 17 Day Diet.

 17 Day Diet 

Quick Cycle Reference Guide

 Cycle 1  Cycle 2Cycle 3
Hot Lemon WaterXXX
Green TeaXXX
Probiotics- 2 Servings DailyXXX
Probiotics- 2 Servings Daily (Expanded List)  X
Friendly Fats-1-2 Tablespoons DailyXXX
Friendly Fats-1-2 Tablespoons Daily (Expanded List)  X
Fruit- 2 Servings Before 2pmXXX
Fruit- 2 Servings Before 2pm (Expanded List)  X
Lean Protein:   
    Salmon, Sole, Flounder, TunaXXX
    Beef, Pork, Lamb XX
    Shellfish XX
Cleansing Vegetables- Low GlycemicXXX
Cleansing Vegetables- Expanded List  X
Natural Starches- 2 Servings Before 2pm:   
    Grains XX
    Legumes XX
    Starchy Vegetables XX
    Bread  X
    High Fiber Cereal  X
    Pasta  X
Optional Snacks- Under 100 Calories  X

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