17 Day Diet Cycle 2 Overview

Cycle 2 of the 17 Day Diet is just like Cycle 1 with the addition of lean meats such as beef and pork, and the introduction of natural starches.

In Cycle 2 round, you will alternate between Cycle 1 (Accelerate) and Cycle 2 (Activate) days.  For instance, day one of Cycle 2, you will enjoy a higher caloric day of foods with the introduction of 2 servings of starches (to be eaten before 2pm). These starches may come from certain grains, certain legumes, or certain starchy vegetables.  On day 2 of Cycle 2, you’ll switch back to Accelerate menu which excludes starches. Day 3 back to Activate menu and so on.

The idea behind Cycle 2 is to help boost your metabolism by switching up your diet every other day and help keep you from experiencing weight-loss plateaus.

Check the blog for a list of Cycle 2 foods.

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