Break Your Weight Loss Goal Into Smaller Mini Goals for Success

Here's a secret tip about setting goals and achieving them!

Weight loss and goal setting go hand in hand. Your weight loss goals can either make or break your progress, so it’s best to form a game plan that sets you up for success right from the start.

Which goal sounds more manageable and one you might achieve with greater success? Lose 100 pounds in one year or lose 10 pounds in one month?

If you’re like me, I’m guessing you’d choose the smaller, more realistic goal of 10 pounds.

While it’s quite important to understand what your overall objective is (i.e. lose 100 pounds), it’s equally important to break up your main goal into manageable smaller goals or milestones.

Let’s say you have a beach trip coming up in a month. Rather than set a goal to lose a 20 pounds in one month, you give yourself a few mini goals or milestone to achieve.

Milestone or Mini Goal #1 for Beach Trip

In two weeks, I will zip up and comfortably fit into my pair of dress slacks that I’m currently not able to wear.

After about nine days of working towards this first mini goal, you’re able to achieve this because you set a realistic goal you knew you’d be able to achieve in a short amount of time.

Milestone or Mini Goal #2 for Beach Trip

In two weeks, I will be able to button up my favorite shirt and it will fit comfortably.

In about a week and a half you’re able to wear your shirt and see a difference in how your clothes fit because you set a reasonable mini goal.

Get the idea?

So if you’re like me and have a difficult time sticking to a “big picture goal” like losing XXX pounds in a year, don’t fret!

The Lesson Here…

An effective strategy I use to keep my long-term objective in sight is to break my overall main goal into “mini goals” or “milestones” so that I don’t lose steam and give up.

What happens when you achieve a goal and see results? You guessed it! You gain momentum, you stay motivated and you continue to push yourself to achieve even better results!

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6 thoughts on “Break Your Weight Loss Goal Into Smaller Mini Goals for Success”

    • That’s exciting, Kim! I’m not currently following the diet, but definitely use the principles every day. I will likely begin my next round of weight loss sometime around the first of the year (too hard with all of these holidays!!). Good luck!

  1. Kim-I have been doing the challenge faithfully, and am on day 8. I lost 4 lbs in the first 4 days, but have reached a plateau. Do you have any tips or suggestions?


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