Food Serving Sizes for the 17 Day Diet

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Food Serving Sizes for the 17 Day Diet

I know how confusing it might seem when you’re first starting the 17 Day Diet. Having to remember how much fruit is in a serving along with everything else can seem daunting when you’re first getting started.

You can find most of the serving sizes on any of the 17 Day Diet cycle food lists.  For clarity, here is a quick and easy reference guide to serving sizes for the 17 Day Diet for some of the servings that aren’t quite clear:


Lean Proteins

Cycle 1 — Serving = unlimited amounts of lean proteins

Cycle 2 — Serving = liberal amounts of lean proteins

Cycle 3 — Serving  =  Size of a small kitchen sponge

Eggs (whole): 2 eggs = 1 serving

Eggs (whites only): 4 egg whites = 1 serving

A special note about protein: The unlimited portions pertain to the animal proteins on each of the cycle food lists. The exception is eggs. 

The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition states:

You may eat up to two eggs a day. But stick to no more than four yolks per week if your physician has diagnosed you with high cholesterol. Egg whites can be eaten without restriction.

Eggs are a great source of protein for the 17 Day Diet

Cleansing Vegetables

All Cycles — Serving = liberal/unlimited amounts

Celery is a free cleansing veggie for all cycles of the 17 Day Diet
Celery is a great added texture to many salads

Starchy Vegetables

Cycle 2 —       See Cycle 2 Food List for serving sizes

There are a variety of starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn and squash and all have different serving sizes.

Fruit (2 Servings Per Day Before 2pm)

All Cycles — Serving = 1 Piece of Fresh Fruit or 1 Cup Chopped Fresh Fruit

The exception: 1/2 of a grapefruit is one serving of fruit.

Fruit serving sizes on the 17 day diet 

Probiotics (2 Servings Per Day)

Yogurt — Serving  = 6 oz.

Kefir and Low-fat acidophilus milk — Serving = 1 Cup

All others on Cycles 1 and 2 — See blog post on serving sizes for probiotics

Additions on Cycle 3 — See Cycle 3 Food List for Serving Sizes for Probiotics


Natural Starches (2 Servings Per Day before 2pm)

Check the Food Lists to determine which item is allowed during Cycle 2 and Cycle 3

All Grains — Serving = 1/2 Cup Cooked

Legumes — Serving = 1/2 Cup Cooked

Breads — Serving = 1 Slice

Whole Grain Bagel — Serving = 1/2 bagel

Whole Wheat Pita Bread — Serving = 1 pocket

Whole Wheat Tortilla — Serving = 10″ Tortilla

Pasta — Serving = 1/2 Cup Cooked

High Fiber Cereals — Serving = 1 Cup (except for low-sugar granola  1/2 cup)

Natural Starches on the 17 day diet

Friendly Fats – Cycle 3 (1 to 2 Tablespoons daily unless otherwise indicated)

Avocado — Serving =  ¼ fruit

Canola Oil  — Serving = 1 tablespoon

Walnut Oil —  Serving = 1 tablespoon

Light mayonnaise —  Serving = 2 tablespoons

Mayonnaise —  Serving = 1 tablespoon

Nuts or seeds, un-oiled  — Serving = 2 tablespoons

Reduced-calorie margarines —  Serving = 2 tablespoons

Reduced-fat salad dressings —  Serving = 2 tablespoons

Salad dressings — Serving = 1 tablespoon

Trans-free margarines — Serving = 1 tablespoon

Avocado is a great source of fat for the 17 day diet

Dairy Substitutes – Cycle 3

Sugar-free rice, almond or soy milk — Serving = 1 Cup

Almond Milk is an ingredient for the lunch smoothie for the 17 day diet

Optional Snacks – Cycle 3

See Cycle 3 Food List for Optional Snack Serving Sizes


Alcohol – Cycle 3

Wine — Serving = 5 oz.

Beer — Serving = 12 oz

Hard Liquor = Serving 1 1/2 oz.


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19 thoughts on “Food Serving Sizes for the 17 Day Diet”

  1. When I’m in Cycle 1, and I can eat unlimited lean protein, does it mean whenever I want? Or is it just breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

      • I have been checking inline buy nobody seems to know, are we allowed to eat sugar free jelly on the 17day diet???

        • Michelle, technically no. However, there are those who do eat it when they need a sweet treat. I guess it depends on how “clean” you want your eating to be. If you don’t mind artificial sweeteners, then that would be your choice!

  2. Please could you help me. I need to know if it’s okay to drink Almond milk with an acidophilus pill in the place of one of the yogurts???

    • Almond milk is approved for Cycle 3. If you’re not into yogurt, consider taking probiotics. I don’t care for green tea that much, so I took them in pill form. I think I may have probiotics in pill form too, but I love yogurt.

  3. Hello, I am new to this… my mother suggested I try this diet. She has alot of the book and has done it before and said it worked great when she really stuck to it. So, with that being said I really want to try it out. I am twenty two, have been all different weights I am about 5foot8 and feel that I looked the best at 110… I like the skinny look. Anyways, I put on AlOT of LBS in what seems like no time at all but in reality was actually a two year period of sitting at home while my bf was at work just eating and sleeping. I weigh almost 200 lbs now and really want to get this weight off. Im going to shop for the week and have looked at a bunch of sites to try to see the best recipes, list, etc… to make a list of what to buy for either the first week or possibly 2 depending how similar they are. PLEASE if you have any suggestions, comments, etc let me know… Point of comment: tips on diet and TIPS ON FIRST GROCIERY SHOPPING TRIP FOR WEEK 1…

    • Hi there. You’ll find a lot of information on this blog that should help you. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for my free Quick Start Guide here: and/or the 7 days of free sample menus here:

      Also follow the Facebook page and get support from fellow dieters:

      Good luck!

  4. I understand that we can only have two servings of fruits but can I split them up in my break lunch and snacks? I like something sweet after meals :)

  5. Hi I need help understanding what you mean when you say liberal amounts of protein, does it mean 6oz. or 8oz. or 12oz. of protein whenever i am hungry? Is there a limit to the serving size? If yes can you please clarify it.

    • Eat enough protein so you’re not hungry. Everyone needs different amounts, so there isn’t a set rule in this diet. If you’re hungry in between meals, you can eat more protein or cleansing veggies until you’re not hungry anymore.

    • Hi Belinda, only a piece of fresh fruit or a cup of chopped fresh fruit counts as a fruit serving. There’s not enough fruit in fruit flavored yogurt to count as a fruit serving. Plus, a lot of fruit flavored yogurts don’t contain real fruit, so best to check your labels!


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