GreenBlender Smoothie Delivery Review (+ Coupon Code)

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Check out my GreenBlender Smoothie Delivery review of the five green smoothie recipes I tried out – read about the ones I loved and the one I didn’t like so much. Plus, when you scroll to the end, you’ll find a coupon code for $10 off your first smoothie box!

GreenBlender smoothie delivery review

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My GreenBlender Smoothie Delivery Review

I love me some green smoothies, especially during the Spring and Summer months. If you’re like me and you don’t necessarily get enough greens into your diet 100% of the time, adding them to your smoothies is a great way to boost your veggie consumption.

For weeks, I kept scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and seeing gorgeous photos of green smoothies posted by GreenBlender. I was intrigued and wanted to know more!

So I thought, “Let’s give this a shot – I’ll try it before you buy it.”

I’m all about meal delivery services – I’ve tried many, but this is my FIRST green smoothie subscription box service, so I’m excited to give you the rundown on my experience.

OK, let’s get started, shall we? Here’s my GreenBlender smoothie delivery review so you can try it out before you buy it!

What is the GreenBlender Smoothie Subscription Box?

In case you’re not sure who GreenBlender is, it’s a company that offers a weekly green smoothie box delivered right to your door.

Each weekly box contains 100% organic ingredients for five smoothie recipes.  Each smoothie recipe yields two 12-oz servings.

GreenBlender Smoothie Box - Get Weekly Deliveries of Fresh & Healthy Smoothie Ingredients right to your door! Check out my GreenBlender smoothie delivery review

With all the ingredients shipped to you, you’re saving a ton of time because you’re not searching for smoothie recipes online and your time at the grocery store is reduced because GreenBlender has done the shopping for you! I’m all about saving time!!

The GreenBlender green smoothies offer a whole slew of health benefits such as energy and immune boosting benefits and they’re anti-inflammatory, too!

If you’re sharing a two-serving smoothie, it’s a perfect snack in between meals. If you’re enjoying a higher-protein smoothie, it’s a great meal replacement.  

The smoothies I tried didn’t contain a lot of protein, so watch the nutrition panel for each smoothie and supplement your meal with additional protein, if needed.  

The GreenBlender Smoothie Order Process Is User Friendly

GreenBlender’s website is super simple and straightforward. I placed my order in a matter of minutes!

I appreciate the fact that I’m able to choose my first delivery date, and at the same time, I don’t have to wait a month to receive my first box like other meal delivery services do.

Not only did I choose my delivery date, but I also had the option to select the smoothie recipes, too! Double score!

My GreenBlender smoothie delivery review: GreenBlender Smoothie Subscription Box Service gives you complete control over your delivery schedule as well as the green smoothie recipes you want delivered.

You have complete control over your deliveries and you can even pause future deliveries for weeks at a time if you are going to be away from home or decide to chew your food for a week or two.

The onboarding process from GreenBlender was fun, too! Bright and cheery emails with pretty pictures of smoothies welcomed me in preparation for my first smoothie box delivery.

Green Smoothie Packaging Makes a Big Difference

What I love about GreenBlender, is the fact that they use recyclable packaging. This is really important to me as we live in a world where plastic is everywhere!

GreenBlender is environmentally friendly!

My GreenBlender smoothie box was packed just right – enough “green” packaging and cold packs to keep my fruit fresh.

Each smoothie recipe had its ingredients bundled into recyclable packaging and each bag was properly identified by smoothie name. This made it easy to organize my bagged ingredients into my refrigerator’s crisper drawer for easy access.

GreenBlender Smoothie Subscription Box uses recyclable plastic and organizes each smoothie recipe into its own bag for easy access

Green Smoothie Blender

Different blenders produce different results. I use the Ninja Master Prep Blender – it’s not super powerful like the KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender or Blendtec Designer 725, but it gets the job done.

If you’re fine with a bit of texture in your smoothie, your average blender will do the trick.

Picking out the right blender for your smoothie preference is key!
Here’s my blender, the Ninja Master Prep Blender

If you have an average blender and don’t like a lot of pulp in your smoothies, smoothie straws will help, too!

However, if you prefer super blended smoothies and you don’t have a workhorse of a blender, you’re likely going to to have to upgrade your blender and spend a little cash on a machine that will result in a smoother texture.

My Complete GreenBlender Smoothie Delivery Review: 5 GreenBlender Smoothies

Here’s my full review of each GreenBlender smoothie recipe, along with links to the full recipe for each. I share with you what I love about each, and what I may have done differently next time.

1. Almond Oat Bread Smoothie

Almond Oat Bread Smoothie by GreenBlender

The Almond Oat Bread is my favorite smoothie out of the bunch. This smoothie recipe uses two bananas, both of which were not super ripe when they were delivered. For me, this is a good thing as it helped with the mild and not-so-super-sweet flavor of the smoothie.

I’m not a huge fan of super ripe bananas, so I was pleased to find them a bit on the greener side.  Greener bananas are rich in resistant starch and there are many health benefits to this, including weight loss.

However, if you prefer ripe bananas, let them sit on the counter for a few days and they’ll ripen up in no time!

The flavor of this smoothie is not overwhelming at all. The texture is smoother than the others – my Ninja blender won’t blend a smoothie super smooth, but I like a bit of texture to my smoothies anyway.

All the flavors of the ingredients blend perfectly, allowing for each to stand out by itself at the same time. I could taste the light flavor of the banana and the subtle flavor of the spinach.

The ingredients for Almond Oat Bread Smoothie by GreenBlender

The cinnamon in this recipe is the perfect amount as it adds a bit of spice and warmth to the smoothie.

The almond milk adds a healthy dose of creaminess without the extra fat, and the oats add a bit of bulk.

I had a 12-oz serving for lunch – I had a bigger breakfast beforehand, so this single serving smoothie kept me full until dinner. Had my breakfast been lighter, I’m not sure a single serving would have lasted as long.

The Almond Oat Bread Green Smoothie by GreenBlender was my favorite one out of my box delivery!

What I love most about this GreenBlender smoothie, even though it contains higher-sugar bananas, is the fact I didn’t get a “sugar rush” from it.  I’m sure the greener bananas helped as well as all the fiber from the spinach. This smoothie was my favorite out of all of them! I’ll definitely make this one again!

My grade: a solid “A”.

Get the Full Recipe: Almond Oat Bread Smoothie

2. Spiced Apple Sauce Smoothie

Spiced Apple Sauce Green Smoothie was a hit!

I love the vibrant green color of this smoothie! I made sure to use really ice-cold water to keep this smoothie as chilled as possible.

I’ll be the first to admit that this was my first time adding cashews (or any nuts) to a green smoothie.

If you love a bit of texture in your smoothies, the cashew adds a pleasant chewiness as well as a really mild flavor. Plus, the cashews add a bit of healthy fat and some protein.

If you have a super blender like KitchenAid or Blendtec, you’ll likely bypass the texture and go right to smooth. Either way, it’s a winner!

The ingredients for the Spiced Apple Sauce Green Smoothie were a hit, especially the chewy cashews!

This GreenBlender smoothie recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon of hemp protein. After I measured this out, I opted to add the remaining protein to my smoothie. A little extra protein boost is always a great thing!

I love the combination of the sweet, fresh cantaloupe and the spicy applesauce.  It’s a great balance and each has its own role in this recipe – neither ingredient is stepping on the toes of the other.

One nice surprise is the little pile of cashew bits that settle to the bottom of the glass. At times I felt like I was “chewing” my lunch instead of drinking it, which is always a plus in my book.

Here's a closeup of the Spiced Apple Sauce green smoothie from GreenBlender.

I felt a subtle sugar rush from this smoothie, but the fiber from the spinach and the protein helped slow it down just a tad.

This was also a favorite! I’ll definitely make this smoothie again!

My grade: an “A“

Get the Full Recipe: Spiced Apple Sauce Smoothie

3. Chia Apple Mint Smoothie

Chia Apple Mint Smoothie by GreenBlender has an interesting color and texture!

At first, I was really eager to try this smoothie mainly because of the ingredients. Zucchini isn’t typically an ingredient I use in my smoothies, so this was a first and I was curious how all these flavors would play out.

The Chia Apple Mint smoothie has a great combination of ingredients!

I also love chia seeds in my smoothies! I normally add the seeds into my smoothie without soaking them, but the GreenBlender recipe recommends soaking them in water for 15 minutes to allow them to gel up (plus, it’s easier on digestion!).

After I chopped my apple and zucchini, I suddenly became quite nervous about this smoothie! My cutting board was 80% covered in food! WOW! It’s a lot of food for one person!

For this smoothie, I didn’t have anyone to share it with, so I knew this would either be a BIG meal for me or a couple of decent-sized snacks.

After chopping up my fruits and veggies for the Chia Apple Mint smoothie, I was a bit scared at the amount of food!

I put on my big girl pants, blended up this concoction and took it for a test drive.

Disclaimer: Remember, I’m not using a super powerful blender like Blendtec or Vitamix, so there was A LOT of extra texture in this smoothie. If you’re texturally challenged, you may not like this one.

Plus, the color of the blended smoothie was interesting. What do you think?

The Chia Apple Mint Green Smoothie has an interesting color. What do you think?

If you have a powerful blender, it should blend up nice and smooth for you.

I will admit the flavor is pretty tasty. For this smoothie, I opted for a smoothie straw. The straw definitely helps with the with the extra pulpy texture. I was only able to drink about ¾ of this smoothie for lunch. The only reason I didn’t finish it was because I was FULL! Score!!

The Chia Apple Mint smoothie gave me the right amount of energy to get off my tush and clean the kitchen grout I’d been neglecting for a while!  However, after my sugar-induced cleaning spree, I had to eat some solid food about 2 ½ hours later. Overall, this smoothie kept me full for a few hours like it intended to.

The Chia Apple Mint Green Smoothie by GreenBlender was the perfect smoothie to use a smoothie straw!

If I had only consumed a single 12-oz serving (remember, these recipes make two 12-oz servings), then this would have been a great snack instead of a meal.

Finally, had I left the mint out, or maybe reduced the mint a bit, this would have elevated my grade to a solid A.  I like mint, but it seemed a bit overpowering in this recipe.

My grade: a “B”

Get the Full Recipe: Chia Apple Mint Smoothie

4. Pomegranate Orange Beet Smoothie

The Pomegranate Orange Beet Smoothie from GreenBlender

I was very interested in this smoothie when I first saw the recipe – the idea of adding beets and mandarin oranges together was intriguing. The pomegranate powder was a surprise, but it makes sense to use powder instead of the fruit due to the seeds.

The smoothie ingredients for the Pomegranate Orange Beet green smoothie by GreenBlender

I love beets, but I’ve never cooked with them or handled them before. The recipe calls for a good scrubbing and chop, but I opted to peel it first. They are a bit messy, so if you decide to peel your beet, proceed with caution!

This GreenBlender smoothie recipe also suggests lightly steaming the beet to increase the creaminess in the smoothie. Knowing my blender, I knew steaming was necessary.

I lightly steamed the beets so the smoothie would be creamy!

The *only* reservation I had with this recipe was the fresh ginger root. I’m not a fan of fresh ginger.

Looking back, I wish I left the ginger out of the recipe, but I wanted to give you a review of the original recipe.

One sip and I was done. The ginger was too much for my liking.

However, I had my partner try this soothie and here are his thoughts:

The smoothie had a very beet-like flavor. However, I could still taste the all the ingredients separately. It felt like an ingredient was missing to bring all flavors together. A better blender might give this smoothie a different flavor and a more blended texture.

The Pomegranate Orange Beet Smoothie had an amazingly deep red color to it!

I will definitely try this recipe again! The next time I’ll leave out the ginger. If you’re a fan of ginger, you’ll enjoy this smoothie.

I absolutely adored the vibrant red color of this smoothie. A very beautiful creation for sure!

My grade: NA

His grade: C

Get the Full Recipe: Pomegranate Orange Beet Smoothie

5. Honey Lime Refresh Smoothie

The Honey Life Refresh Green Smoothie was REALLY refreshing!

I veered from the original GreenBlender recipe just a tad – rather than use a juice of one lime, I opted to use the entire lime (I peeled it first, of course).

In addition to this, I took an extra 30 seconds and removed the stalks and ribs from the kale as I knew my blender would have a tough time blending these.

Honey Lime Refresh Ingredients from GreenBlender

I also blended my kale, water and ice first in order to give the blending a head start as I know my Ninja blender isn’t a high-performance blending machine and needs an occasional helping hand.

The result? A refreshing and pulpy glass of goodness. Now I understand why this smoothie is called Honey Lime Refresh.

I think next time I’ll use the juice of the lime (rather than the entire fruit). Some of the lime pulp was a bit on the bitter side, but it didn’t keep me from enjoying this smoothie!

I shared a small portion of this 2-serving recipe with my partner and my 1 ½ servings were just enough to keep me full for lunch.

The honeydew gave this smoothie a hint of sweetness that was missing from the pear. The pear wasn’t super ripe – looking back, I should have kept the pear out of the refrigerator so it could ripen up. However, I’m a fan of crisp fruit that’s not overly sweet, so the pear in this smoothie was perfect for me.

The Honey Lime Refresh Ingredients Chopped and Ready to Blend!

If you like your fruit on the sweeter side, keep your pear on the counter until you’re ready to use it in your recipe.

The lime and the small hint of mint reminded me of an afternoon Spring day sipping on a green drink at the spa (even though I’ve never been to a spa!!).

The Honey Lime Refresh Smoothie From GreenBlender was refreshing!

Had it not been for the extra pulp and slight sugar rush (and crash), the grade would have been higher.  Overall, it has a great flavor! Yes, good times!

My grade: a “B”

Get the Full Recipe: Honey Lime Refresh Smoothie

Final Thoughts on GreenBlender Smoothie Delivery Box

GreenBlender Smoothies - From Start to Finish!

Overall, I really enjoyed having a green smoothie every day. For the most part, the recipes were really yummy!

You’ll enjoy these smoothies even if you have an average blender like me. 

However, if you have a high-powered blender, you’ll REALLY dig these smoothies.

Most of the recipes are pretty low in calories and perfect for snacks. Especially if you’re sharing the 24-oz smoothie with another person or splitting them up into two snacks.

Some of the GreenBlender smoothies could possibly pass for a meal replacement, especially if you opt to drink both servings. However, I’d recommend that you supplement your smoothie meal with additional protein and/or healthy fats. Drinking both servings at one sitting might also result in a sugar rush, so be aware of this!

Green Smoothies are a great way to get your greens in! Try GreenBlender Subscription Box today!

If you’re a busy professional like me, or a mother who’s looking for a quick way to get in a snack or meal without spending a ton of time coming up with recipes and shopping for the ingredients, then the GreenBlender Smoothie subscription box is ideal and definitely a time saver!

The GreenBlender smoothie box is $49.90 a week – if you share the smoothies with another or split the servings into two snacks, this brings the price to less than $5 per serving (one box contains 10 12-oz servings). This price point is definitely cheaper than most dinner meal kits, but you’re also getting less food with GreenBlender.

GreenBlender gives you total control over your subscription.  You can choose the exact recipes you want delivered and the ability to pause certain weeks.

GreenBlender Coupon Code

As of July 2018, GreenBlender was taking a break from processing orders, and I’m not sure when they’ll be back!

If you want to save a bit of cash on your first box, use GreenBlender coupon code GBSAVE10 for $10 off your very first smoothie box delivery.

If you order a box, come back for a visit and let me know what you think!


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    • Thanks, Sandra! I’ve been checking on Green Blender here and there and I don’t know when they’ll be back up and running. Their social media (twitter mainly) has been pretty quiet since last summer, so I’m not sure if they’re taking an extended break or what!


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