What if I have more weight to lose after I finish Cycle 3?

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What happens if I have more weight to lose after I finish Cycle 3 of the 17 Day Diet?

You’ve been through all three cycles of the 17 Day Diet and you haven’t quite reached your weight loss goal. What do you do?

As long as you have gone through all three cycles at least once, there are a few options you may choose from.


In the 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition, the doc gives us a few ways to lose more weight after Cycle 3:

1. Return to Cycle 1 and continue the diet for another round.

You may return to Cycle 1, the Accelerate Cycle, for 17 days. Once you finish cycle 1 and still have more weight to lose, then move on to Cycle 2 for 17 days.

Once you complete Cycle 2 and still haven’t met your weight loss goal, then keep moving forward to Cycle 3 and complete this cycle for 17 days.

After you complete this round of the diet and you still have more weight to lose, you may simply go back to Cycle 1 and repeat the process once again. Rinse and repeat until you reach your weight loss goal.

This is the most popular choice for many 17 Day Dieters. Multiple rounds of the diet usually helps with weight loss.

2. Return to Cycle 2 and continue the diet from this point.

If you have more weight to lose after Cycle 3, the book also suggests that you may return back to Cycle 2, the Activate Cycle, for 17 days.

Once you complete Cycle 2, head on to Cycle 3.

Once you finish your round of Cycle 3 and have more weight to lose, you may continue this process again until you achieve your weight loss goal, or you may decide to switch things up and choose one of the other two options suggested in this blog post.

3. Continue with Cycle 3 until you reach your goal.

If you have more weight to lose after your first round of all three cycles, you may choose to stick with Cycle 3 until you reach your ideal weight.

Cycle 3 is more of a lifestyle cycle, so if you stick with Cycle 3 long term, the weight loss may not happen as quickly as if you went back to Cycle 1 or 2.

I always recommend taking measurements in this cycle (as well as Cycle 2), as most 17 Day Dieters see more inches lost than pounds.


Bonus: Use the Transitional Day Fast to Lose More Weight

New to the Breakthrough Edition of the 17 Day Diet is a one-day fast, or smoothie day.

You can read more about the Transitional Day Fast for the 17 Day Diet to get yourself caught up on the details if you’re not sure what it’s all about.

If you want to lose more weight during any of the cycles, you can use the smoothie day in a number of ways, including:

In Between Each Cycle:

Have a Transitional Day Fast in between each cycle.

Once you’re finished with day 17 of Cycle 1, have a smoothie day, then proceed to Cycle 2.

Once you’re finished with Cycle 2, have another smoothie day, and then proceed to Cycle 3.

Once you completed Cycle 3, have another smoothie day before you head back to a previous cycle.

When You Have a “Bad” Day:

Let’s say you have a day where you went off plan – you had pancakes for breakfast, you ate pizza for lunch, and you had ice cream for dessert. WOW! Can you say a “bad” day?

Let’s face it – we’ll always have these types of days, and that is perfectly fine. Give yourself a break, and keep moving forward.

Plan for a Transitional Day Fast after one of these “bad” days, and keep moving forward where you left off.

Special Consideration for Cycle 3:

On page 119 of the Breakthrough Edition, the doc suggests one way of ramping up weight loss during Cycle 3 is to have a Transitional Day Fast every seven days during this cycle.

Naturally, your weight loss will slow down a bit during this cycle, and one way to pick things up again is to have a smoothie day every seven days.

As always, remember to take your measurements, especially during cycles 2 and 3, drink plenty of water and enjoy your journey!

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