Summer Snack Ideas (Healthy Style)

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When Summer is in full swing there’s nothing better than snacking on yummy food to help keep you refreshed and cooled off during the intense summer sun.

Summer doesn’t have to involve high-fat, high-carb foods in order to be fun in the sun!

To keep your diet in check, try these tasty and healthy summer snack ideas:

1.  Frozen Grapes — there’s nothing like a frozen grape to cool off at the pool.  Frozen fruit in general also helps your sweet cravings.

2. Low-Fat Ranch Dip — Liven up your carrot and celery sticks with a low-fat version of the infamous “ranch dip”.  Rather than a store-bought version, try using a packet of ranch dip seasoning mixed with either greek yogurt (a way to get your probiotic for the day) or fat-free sour cream.

3. Fruit Smoothie — Why not combine your daily fruit intake such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries along with your probiotic/yogurt into one healthy and refreshing treat?  Add a bit of ice and a little sweetener to taste, blend and serve.

4. Protein Style Burger — For those summer-time barbeques, try skipping the bun on your burger and wrap your meat in iceberg lettuce.  Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a juicy burger with all the trimmings.

5.  Frozen Yogurt — Why not make a fruit smoothie (see #3 above) and freeze it! Now you have home-made frozen yogurt for the hottest of summer days!

6.  Chicken and Veggie Skewer — Next time you fire up the grill, try adding chicken, mushrooms, onions and your favorite summer veggies to a wooden skewer.  Grilling vegetables adds such a “summer” flavor and it’s healthy too!  To keep your diet fresh and new, grilling your foods adds such a great flavor that you’ll forget you’re on a diet.

7. Cold Asparagus Spears — With a little bit of olive oil, saute’ your asparagus along with salt, pepper and garlic.  Once the veggies are done (but still crisp — don’t cook too long), set in refrigerator until cold.  Enjoy alongside your other cool veggies.

8. Orange Julius — For your summer party with girlfriends, show off your culinary skills with a home-made version of the popular Orange Julius.  All you need is an orange, vanilla-flavored Stevia to taste, ice and seltzer water.  Your friends will go crazy and you’ll be cooled off during the summer heat.

Two snack ideas from Facebook Fan, Kay:

9. Crystal Light Flavored Yogurt — Kay uses Crystal Light To Go (or another type of flavored powder you put in a 20 oz bottle of water) and adds it to Greek Yogurt to make a refreshing treat for summer time!

10. Faux-Lemon Pie — Kay puts a graham cracker on the bottom of a plate and tops with yogurt flavored with a few teaspoons of lemon pudding powder.  Makes a yummy alternative to otherwise unhealthy lemon pie.

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