Surround Yourself with Positive Influences and You will be Successful

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Surround yourself with positive influences and you will be successful
I say my daily affirmations and believe what I am sayingIt’s important to surround yourself with positive people when going through a life change such as starting the 17 Day Diet.  It’s easy for negative people to poison your thoughts and beliefs and sabotage your weight loss journey.  It’s even easier to allow your OWN negative thoughts to get in the way of your success!

It is so imperative that you keep positive energy in your life to ensure your success– this goes for anything you do in life…business, career, motherhood, getting rid of bad habits, establishing new, healthy habits and so forth.

Just as important as it is to spend time with positive people, it’s equally important to spend time with the positive “you”.

Remember, your thoughts become your beliefs and your beliefs become your actions.

If you’re surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage you or if you continue to say your daily positive affirmations, you will continue to have positive and uplifting thoughts.  The more positive thoughts you have each day, the more you will start changing your beliefs deep inside of you.

For instance, if you tell yourself every morning that you are doing well on your diet, seeing results and feeling physically and emotionally better, you’ll start to believe that these thoughts are imperative to your success and you will truly believe that you can accomplish your goals.

You can accomplish anything.

If your beliefs change as a result of your affirmations and thoughts, you can accomplish anything.

As a result of your beliefs,  you’ll start to take action.  Your actions will manifest by continuing to eat healthy, by creating good habits and taking the necessary steps to continue down the path of success.


Thoughts = Beliefs = Actions

Also remember, one of the most important parts of manifesting your weight loss success is to be grateful for the success you receive from your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Thoughts = Beliefs = Actions = Gratitude

Here’s to your success!

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Are You New to the 17 Day Diet?

Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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7 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Positive Influences and You will be Successful”

  1. I have lost ten pounds with the first cycle, and am starting the second cycle. This really isn’t a diet to me, it is a better way to eat! I am older, and I haven’t lost weight for a long time, and my body, my stomach feels better! It is more work, but I am happy with it!!!

  2. I want to say thank you for his timely advice. I want to start this diet today, but as with other diets i wanted to start in the past it was the positive reinforcement ( lack of ) that has always deterred me. Usually it is someone really close to you. Again thanx in advance.

  3. My husband and I have both been on the diet we are on the cycle 3 loosing weight and working out slowly due to him being a heart patient but are happy with results

    • Rosie, technically chia seeds are not on the diet, but neither is flax seed and I ate flax with my yogurt and didn’t have a problem. I always believe flexibility is key — you can try eating them and if you see a weight issue, eliminate them and see if that helps.


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