What Kind of Green Tea May I Drink on the Diet?

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What Kind of Green Tea May I Drink on the Diet?

As you may be aware, the 17 Day Diet heavily promotes the consumption of green tea.  

Green tea contains many minerals and vitamins and most widely-known, anti-oxidants.  

Some of the natural chemicals found in green tea such as catechins, increase fat burning in the body and stimulates thermogenesis, the process by which your body burns calories.

But what if you don’t like green tea?

One of the top questions I receive on the 17 Day Diet Blog is “What Kind of Green Tea May I Drink”?  

This question is usually asked by  non-tea drinkers or those who don’t like the flavor of green tea.  

I was one of them when I first started the diet, but as I drank my cup of hot green tea in the morning, I really started to enjoy the flavor.

When deciding what type of green tea to drink, keep in mind a few things:

1. Keep your green tea sugar free

2. Keep your artificial sweeteners to a minimum

3. To avoid both sugar and artificial sweeteners, consider steeping your own tea from green tea bags and control the flavors/sweeteners you use

4. If you absolutely cannot stomach green tea, consider using green tea supplements

Green tea does have a host of health benefits, but in the end if you absolutely cannot drink green tea, don’t sweat it.  

You’ll most likely continue to lose weight without it.  

The real weapon in this diet is the low-carb, low-to-no-sugar aspect.  Green tea is an added benefit to help the fat-burning process move along.


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22 thoughts on “What Kind of Green Tea May I Drink on the Diet?”

  1. I think what people are really curious about is what kind of green tea.. For instance there is Lemon green tea, chai green tea, Jasmine green tea, etc… Are those allowed?

  2. I’ve been brewing a pot at night, when I like to have have a cup or two warm. Then drink the rest of the pot as ice tea the next day. My favorites are (Bigelow Green Teas) peach, blueberry, and mango…and I often combine two flavors at a time.

    • Hi Shelley, from what I understand from the book, caffeinated green tea is what contains the most weight-loss properties. If you can’t have green tea, try decaf or skip all together.

  3. Hi, this question has been haunting me. I am drinking my green tea after each meal, however, as a working mom, life is crazy. After I’m done w dinner I forget to brew my tea and skip it all together. Can I brew a few bags of tea at a time and refrigerate it for later? I did it once and it made life so much easier, but I felt like I wasn’t getting all the benefits. Any thoughts?

    • Krisse, I’m not super familiar with that type of tea. From what I’ve read, I don’t think this is green tea, right? If you want the weight loss benefits from green tea, you may want to stick with green tea.

    • Rene, you can drink any type or brand of green tea. Just make sure you look at the ingredients and stay away from brands that add sugar or artificial sweeteners.

    • Hi Sharon, Stevia is the sweetener of choice for the 17 Day Diet. However, keep in mind not all Stevia products are created equal. Some manufacturers use a blend of Stevia leaf extract with other artificial sweeteners, so make sure you read the label!


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