What is the 5-Pound Stop Signal on the 17 Day Diet?

Abide by the 5-Pound Stop Signal and you'll be OK with your weight loss

If you know one thing for sure, it’s that most people on the 17 Day Diet don’t feel like they are on a diet.  They think of it as more of a lifestyle.

If you’ve made it to Cycle 4 (Arrive Cycle), then congratulations!

Cycle 4 really is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your weight off.

What is the 5-Pound Stop Signal that I keep hearing about?

Have you heard of the 5-Pound Stop Signal on Cycle 4 of the 17 Day Diet?

Well, on Cycle 4 of the 17 Day Diet, you are encouraged to maintain the same eating habits during the weekday as you would have on any of the previous Cycles.

Starting on Friday evening all the way through Sunday evening, you are encourage (but never required) to have up to three of your favorite meals.

During the weekend, the doctor tells us to weigh ourselves on each day so we know whether or not we are gaining or losing weight.

If your weight increases by 3-5 pounds of your “ideal” weight, then you are instructed to go right back on to your favorite Cycle (Cycles 1-3) starting on Monday in order to lose those unwanted pounds.

The 5-Pound Stop Signal really is a great way to keep your weight in check without feeling like you’re on a diet all the time.

Have you observed the 5-Pound Stop Signal and dropped those few pesky pounds?

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