Can I Have Probiotics After 2pm?

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Can I have probiotics before 2pm on the 17 Day Diet?

Q:  Can I have Probiotics after 2pm on the 17 Day Diet?

A: Yes!  There is no restriction on what time of day you have your probiotics, whether it is yogurt, kefir or a supplement. Have it for breakfast or an evening snack (or even dessert).

However, if you choose to have fruit with your yogurt, then you should consume this before 2pm.

Remember, no fruit after 2pm on the diet.

Can I have probiotics after 2pm on the 17 Day Diet?


Q. What if my yogurt or kefir is fruit flavored? Can I have this after 2pm?

A: While I have never seen this answer in the 17 Day Diet Book, I would venture to guess that it might be OK to have fruit flavored yogurt or kefir after 2pm.

When you think about it, the amount of fruit in a serving of yogurt or kefir is probably no where near a full serving of fruit.

Watch The Sugar in Yogurt (fruit flavored especially)

Rather than be concerned about eating yogurt after 2pm, what you really ought to be more concerned with the amount of sugar in yogurt for your fruit flavored probiotic of choice.

Remember to read your labels!


Many times fruit flavored yogurt or kefir has additional sugar added to the ingredient list.  Opt for low-sugar varieties.  And remember, most yogurt and kefir has naturally occurring sugar and this is just fine. It can’t be avoided.

Common Sense Wins Every Time

When it comes right down to it, remember to use common sense while on the 17 Day Diet.

If you find that your probiotic has 30 grams of sugar/carbohydrates, I’d definitely skip it and move onto something a bit more reasonable.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your carb/sugar at 9 grams or less for a serving of yogurt/kefir.

A Great Dessert Idea Using Yogurt

If you’re looking for a sweet yogurt-based dessert after dinner, consider making a faux chocolate pudding using greek or plain yogurt — you’ll get your sweet tooth satisfied and you’ll have a fun and interesting way to check off one of your daily probiotic requirements.

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8 thoughts on “Can I Have Probiotics After 2pm?”

  1. I am in the middle of my first fasting day (ended Cycle 1 yesterday), and I just realized — is it ok for me to be having any of the smoothies after 2pm, since they all contain a certain amount of fruit? I know one is a dinner smoothie, and no one I know eats dinner before 2, but the fruit content in the smoothies is throwing me off. Wondering if this is the one exception to the rule. Thanks!

    • Alyssa, I think it’s best to think of the transitional day fast as separate from the 17DD in terms of rules. Normally, no fruit after 2pm on C1 and C2. There’s a reason the fast day is structured the way it is.

  2. Is Agave Nectar allowed in Cycle1? It’s in the Crunchy Salad recipe in the book (eaten during cycles 1 to 4) but I wanted to clarify :)

    • Ashley, I see Agave Nectar in the recipes in the book, however, there have been reported discrepancies in the book since it was first published, but it hasn’t been corrected. Technically, all sugars are not part of the diet except those found naturally in our foods such as fruit and starches. So to answer your question, sugar in general is the one thing you try to avoid in C1 while you’re detoxing and Agave Nectar is really sugar (not as healthy as it’s marketed out there to be). Best to avoid it if you can and either not use any sweetener when it calls for it in the recipe or use Truvia, which is what Dr. Moreno recommends.


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