Cycle Sample Menus, Food Journals and Checklists, Oh My!

There are a variety of things you can do to keep track of your weight loss

Questions arise from 17 Day Dieters from various stages of the diet mostly regarding the types of foods they are allowed to eat and on which cycle a particular food type is allowed.

I Was Overwhelmed

When I first started the diet in 2011, I was overwhelmed at the amount of information presented in the book by Dr. Mike, confused at which cycles allowed certain food types, and how to navigate through Cycle 2 through its alternating schedule.

I Was Confused

My confusion led me to start the 17 Day Diet Blog in order to help others who may have been just as lost as I was in the beginning. I knew that if I was having such difficulty, then maybe someone else was having these same issues.

I Did Something About It

I’ve been so fortunate to have helped so many dieters get through the confusing maze–  The 17 Day Diet Blog is proud to present a simple and new way to help you keep track of your progress through each cycle — introducing Simple N’ Lean 17.

Simple N' Lean 17 Meal Plan for the 17 Day Diet

This meal planning kit offers up recipes, menus, grocery lists and more!

Simply Me Daily Food Journal for the 17 Day Diet

I also published a paperback daily food journal on Amazon called Simply Me.

It includes daily food journals with required foods by cycle so you know which food types you’re supposed to eat rather than thumbing through a highly disorganized book.

I also have sections in the book to record your affirmations, water intake, fitness activity, and more!


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2 thoughts on “Cycle Sample Menus, Food Journals and Checklists, Oh My!”

  1. Hey Torey I’m so lucky I found your site and today is day #1 and I’m extremely nervous. I feel very disorganized and I need guidance. Today is day#1 and I’m already nervous that I have to make the detox soup for lunch…🌞 can you give me some tips or tell me step by step what to eat the next 7 days. 😊


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