Get off the Cycle 1 Hamster Wheel

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Get off the C1 Hamster Wheel - only stay on each cycle (including C1) for 17 days!
“I’ve messed up on day 5 of Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet. Should I start over to day 1?”

This is a common question I hear, especially in my private Facebook Group for the 17 Day Diet.


We feel the need to “start over” if we’ve failed our diet at some phase of the journey.

The realization is this: you’ll likely eat something you shouldn’t and you may have a day or two (or more) where you might binge or fall off the wagon.

These things happen.

If you overeat or have a donut or two (or three), pick yourself back up and start where you left off.

No need to re-start if you have a slip up. Always keep moving forward.

If you slip up and eat something that's not on your diet, keep moving forward!

Do I start over on the cycle I’m on if I eat something I shouldn’t?


Keep going.

The last thing you want to have happen is to constantly re-start, especially Cycle 1.

In the book, Dr. Moreno tells us that we should only stay on Cycle 1 for 17 days.

Stay on Cycle 1 for Only 17 Days

The longer you stay on Cycle 1, the less you’ll eventually lose. If your body gets used to eating the same way for too long, you’ll eventually plateau.

If you go “off plan” during Cycle 1, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Pick right back up where you started; or
  2. Consider a Transitional Day Fast (aka smoothie day)

Dinner Smoothie Recipe for the Transitional Day Fast for the 17 Day Diet

Why It’s Not Good To Keep “Re-Starting”

Here’s my personal advice regarding this vicious cycle of “re-starting”:

If you have fallen off the diet for a few days PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF! The last thing you want to do is start over to day 1 of C1.

Your body really needs to experience each cycle as they each have their purpose:

C1 – rapid weight loss and detox.
C2 – body confusion, ramping up your metabolism by alternating each day with different/increased foods.
C3 – learning how to control your portions and incorporating much more exercise.

If you find yourself cheating, consider a transitional day fast. Use the 17DD smoothie recipes from the book for ONE day.

After your fast day, CONTINUE WHERE YOU LEFT OFF when you cheated. This is so important.

The 17DD book tells us to not stay on C1 for more than 17 days. If you do, your body will get very used to the cycle and you’ll likely stop losing weight and plateau.

There’s a reason the doctor wants you to continue through all three cycles the first time.

Any Questions?

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Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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12 thoughts on “Get off the Cycle 1 Hamster Wheel”

  1. Glad to read that you should not
    start over when you slip up!
    What sugar and carb amount
    for yogurt per serving ? There are
    Soooo many yogurts out there!

    • Hi Camille, re-starting is such a misconception! The book doesn’t really tell us about the sugar/carb content in yogurt, but I’ve seen less than 9grams per serving out there and that seems pretty reasonable. I personally love plain yogurt, so I don’t have to worry too much about the sugar content.

  2. I started the 17 day diet in April 2014 and have lost 25.5 lbs, I’m finding that my weight yoyo’s up and down through the week. Does anybody else have this happen? Is it normal?
    This has been the best diet I’ve tried, it’s got a lot of variety and food choices for every cycle. Also because I’ve continued to yoyo downwards it keeps me wanting to stay the course.

  3. I have been on the 17dd since 1-21-14. I have lost 37 lbs. I had several off days during the summer, but I’m ready for the challenge! Ready to lose some more!

  4. Have been on program and have now completed cycle 1 and 2 however did not do well on cycle 2. Lost 10 lbs on cycle 1 and only 2 on cycle 2 not complaining because that is a 12 lb loss but very surprised because the book makes it seem that I should have a better loss for cycle 2 and not expecting to hit a plateau at this point…Following program and no cheats…

  5. I am on C1D3 of the 17dd. I am craving bread (I’m sure it’s fairly typical) and beef! I know we’re shooting for lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and chicken. Are beef or beef jerky alowed? If not, what is the reason that beef was left off the “allowed” list? I’m okay not eating them- just curious. :)

    • Hi Jennifer, beef is allowed starting in Cycle 2. Make sure you load up on cleansing veggies, lean proteins and drink plenty of water. You’ll get over this “bread” hump soon!


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