Help! Why am I Not Losing Weight in Cycle 1?

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Help! Why am I not losing weight in Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet?

Help! I hear this all too often — “Why am I not losing weight in Cycle 1?” Good question!

Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet after all is the Accelerate cycle, so you’d think with a name like that you’d lose a ton of weight.

It’s not uncommon to only lose 5-7 pounds during Cycle 1.

However, some people do find they get discouraged when only losing this amount of weight when they’ve been led to believe they’d lose in excess of 15 pounds.

First, it’s OK — celebrate your weight loss regardless of the amount.

You’re taking the first step to a healthier you! It’s not going to happen overnight (besides, did you gain those 20 pounds in a week? No!).

Sure, Cycle 1 is about losing weight at a rapid pace.

However, Cycle 1 is also about detox, clearing your body of harmful toxins and basically preparing your body for weight loss.


If you do find that your weight loss has stalled in Cycle 1, you can take a look at a few areas to make sure you’re doing all that you can to maximize your weight loss:

1. Make sure you are eating enough food!

I can’t tell you how many times I hear that someone is not losing weight and they’ve stopped eating a large portion of veggies and lean proteins because they just aren’t that hungry.

If you reduce your veggie/protein intake, you may slow down your weight loss.

Remember, in Cycle 1 you are allowed liberal amounts of approved veggies and lean protein, so eat up!

2. Make sure you’re drinking enough water!

I also run across this issue — not drinking enough water.

It sounds counterintuitive, but you have to drink more water to lose more weight.

Drinking water also helps flush out toxins, keeps your digestive track moving (think constipation), and helps with other side benefits such as glowing, hydrated skin!

3. Add exercise to your routine.

If you want to ramp up your weight loss, hit the road (or the treadmill).

Remember, during Cycle 1 you are allowed at least 17 minutes of moderate exercise.

4. Switch up your menu!

Look, your body might be getting tired of the same old salad every day.

Have fun with your 17 day diet meal plans, introduce new veggies into your diet and truly enjoy meal time!

5. When all else fails, consider a cheat day.

Now, I have to say that the “cheat day” is not part of the 17 Day Diet, but I’ve used this technique many times.

It’s no secret that your body gets used to the amount of calories you consume every day (that’s why we have Cycle 2) and sometimes your body needs a break from the same old thing.

A cheat day might cause you to gain a few pounds, but you’ll start to see the pounds melt away again.

Remember, it’s very important to be fully aware of what you are eating, how much you are eating and to celebrate every pound you lose!

I highly recommend that you keep a daily food journal so you are completely aware of what you’re putting into your body.

It’s also helpful to go back and review your eating pattern when the weight stops coming off so easily so you can quickly fix the issue.

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Are You New to the 17 Day Diet?

Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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49 thoughts on “Help! Why am I Not Losing Weight in Cycle 1?”

  1. I logged in to the quick start guide on my phone (through Safari) then click the box with arrow (send to) buttonand “add to Home Screen” (iPhone) so I can quickly click on it, and with a few scrolls find the lists or pages I need. Particularly helpful while grocery shopping or at the Farmers Market. You might also snap a picture or screen shot of the lists for the cycle you’re on and then you could pull it up as a picture atleast.

  2. I have been on the diet for 6 days now. I have not lost a single pound. Checked over everything a few times. Dont know whats going on , any ideas?

    • Hi April. Are you keeping track of the amount of food you’re eating? That’s the #1 culprit in losing weight from others I talk to — not eating enough calories. Make sure you’re not ever hungry while on Cycle 1 (liberal amounts of cleansing veggies and lean proteins). Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. It’s hard to say what your issue is with little information.

  3. I am vegetarian and I have done cycle 1 but lost only 4 pounds .As my Protien options I eat egg,red beans,Tofu, Lentils ,Dannon Protein shake smoothie, Kefir milk and Vegetables. I do 20 minutes elleptical on wight loss mode which is considered to be more than moderate. Any ideas or suggestion.As I am vegetartian I have less options for Protein though I try to choose which I mentioned above.Should I continue Cycle 1 till I lose 10 Pounds or go to Cycle 2.

    Thank you

    • Harry, you should move onto cycle 2. It will cause more trouble for you to stay where you’re at for too long. Is it possible to eat less legumes and eat other sources of protein with less starch? I wonder if that’s what’s holding you back a bit.

  4. I started 17 day6 diet 6 days ago, and have not lost a single pound! it’s been very frustrating, and somewhat demoralizing. I am definitely eating enough food, and drink 8 glasses of water daily. Am hoping something will kick in soon!

  5. When you say your body is getting rid of toxins, I wonder if you know which toxins one’s body is getting rid of – can you name one? Do you mean perhaps residue of pesticides found in fruits and vegetables, mercury from the fish? Where is the evidence for the body getting rid of toxins? Or may be you think those toxins are being exited from the body via the fat loss? Are some of thos substances stored in the fat? I don’t think it’s that easy to get toxins out of your body.

    Anybody else got thoughts on this?

    Excess pounds is what I want to get rid of

    • Ann, if you read the book, you’ll find references of toxins from environmental pollutants, food preservatives, chemicals and pesticides. The book also goes on to say that overweight people are often low in antioxidants. By increasing antioxidants with nutrient-rich food, it helps rid your body of these toxins.

  6. I like your site. It has lots of helpful information. I’ve stuck to the 17 dd for 6 weeks and have only lost 6lbs. I’m getting discouraged. My body won’t lose. What am I doing wrong

    • Donna, it’s so hard to say. Are you going through each cycle or sticking to just one? Many times when people don’t see the results they want, they keep going through Cycle 1 over and over and this is not good! So, if you’re doing this, then please stop! If you’re not, make sure you’re eating enough food and drinking enough water. You may also want to consider a Transitional Day Fast (see info here: to help jumpstart your weight loss. If none of those things work, you may want to visit with your doctor!

  7. Hi there, I’m curious how long into the diet do you notice weight loss? Do most people notice it early on in the 17 days or towards the end? Or is it just relative to that specific person?

    • Hi Sara, with any diet, everyone loses weight differently. Many people do notice weight loss straight away with the 17 Day Diet, but not all results are the same for everyone.

  8. I’m a little confused and upset. This is the second time I’ve started this diet and went in with no expectations. I lost almost 10 pounds in cycle 1, where I went through periods of small gains and losses, and finally got through that and moved on to cycle 2 where I lost an additional 2 pounds. I’m now on day 4 of cycle 2 and gained a whopping 2.4 pounds overnight! I don’t understand where the weight gain came from, as my eating hasn’t changed. Any advice?

    • Hi Syndi! Everyone experiences weight loss differently. And on top of that, our weight fluctuates all the time, even in the same day. The best thing I can say is to make sure you’re drinking enough water, and if you think you are, drink more! This usually gets the weight dropping off.

      • I had been drinking nothing but water, and was drinking at least a gallon a day, so my water intake was definitely not an issue. Unfortunately for me, I continued to gain weight, and now have gained back half of the weight I originally had taken off. This is the second time I have started this diet and never experienced the issues that I am currently experiencing. My weight fluctuated slightly in cycle 2 the first time I had gone through that cycle, but I had never steadily gained weight like that. I decided to break the diet and start over again. Hopefully this time, I won’t be experiencing that issue.

  9. When do the headaches stop? I am on Cycle One, Day 3 and made it through Day 1 without a headache. Day 2 and now Day 3, I am having bad headaches. Is this just something to expect for the first week or so? Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa! I’m sorry you’re experiencing headaches, but this is quite normal for most people on C1. It seems the majority get over the headache part (this is likely from lack of carbs) after the first 4 or 5 days or so. Drink plenty of water and have both of your fruit servings per day! Hang in there!

      • Thank you, Torey….for everything! Creating this website, the Facebook page, your blog, your encouragement! The headaches did stop after Day 4 of Cycle One. I’m down 5.6 pounds in one week so far! Today was my official weigh-in day. Happy to see the scales this morning!

  10. Are Jennie O turkey burgers alllowed in Cycle 1? It didn’t look like there were any additives that would unacceptable, but just want to make sure.

    • Diane, sorry for the delay in getting to your comment. Are you able to post a link to the exact product you’re inquiring about so I can check out the ingredients and nutrition label? Most of those types of pre-packaged foods contain a lot of ingredients that we probably shouldn’t eat, so I want to make sure we inspect it as best as we can!

  11. Hello! Im finishing cycle 2 and got stucked on it.
    No wait loss at all. I lost 3kg only on cycle 1.
    I’ll try the smoothies day before starting cycle 3.
    Im wondering if there is a substitute for yougurt in the smoothie recîpes, since I dont like yougurt or cow milk derivates. Thanks for your advise.

    • Hi Erika, it’s actually quite normal for people not to lose much (or at all) on Cycle 2. Did you take measurements by chance? Most lose more inches than pounds. If you’re referring to the Transitional Day Fast smoothies, there’s only one (lunch smoothie) that calls for yogurt. The other two don’t. If you’re not a fan of yogurt, either use more almond milk, or if you can handle a non-dairy yogurt such as coconut or soy, I’d go that route.

      When you start Cycle 3, take measurements because this cycle is similar to C2 in that some see more inches rather than pounds.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply. I will take measurements starting C3. I can feel that the clothes are fitting little better, but its disapointing not the see results in the weight.
        Do you know any recipe of protein flour and or fiber suplements that can be done with thermomix? What about chickpeas flour? Do you recommend it?
        Many thanks again for your support.

        • Hi Erika, sorry for the late reply! I’m not familiar with Thermomix. Any type of starchy flour would be C2 or C3 depending on what it is. For chickpeas, it would be Cycle 2.

  12. I started the 17 day diet cicle 1. All was going great. On day 13 I lost control and started to eat carbs, sugars, sweets. I did this for three days. I feel so bad but I want to get back on track. Do you recommend started the 17 day cycle over? I add the three days to the cycle?

  13. I’m in the military and getting ready to go to an important school for a promotion and need to lose 15 lbs or so before I leave. I’ve done the 17 day diet before about a year and half ago and I lost 20 plus pound in cycle 1. I lost 60 lbs all together and kept it off for a while. Unfortunately as a lot of us do I gained about 30 of those pounds back. So, I started on this diet again and I only have a few days lefty on cycle 1 but this time I am hardly losing any weight which is very frustrating specially since I was so successful last time. Granted I slipped up the first weekend but it was literally 2 protein pancakes. Anyways I am doing the same thing as last time. Long story short I’m only down 5 lbs also I have been exercising a lot. Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Travis, it’s not uncommon for people to have different results on the same diet, especially after a few years (changes in age, body composition, hormones, etc). Aside from that, the one thing that stood out for me is that you’ve been exercising a lot. During Cycle 1, exercise is very limited only because you’re very low carb at this time. If you are exercising more than 17 minutes a day and at a higher impact, then make sure you’re getting in enough calories to compensate. You also want to make sure your water intake is where it needs to be in order to allow your body to release water weight and burning fat, too!

      • I have been working out for about an hour 5 times a week, weights and cardio. I did slip up again last night thinking maybe a cheeseburger would help shock my system back into weight loss, plus I kind of just wanted a burger. I’m back on track today and up about 6 lbs most likely due to the cheat meal. Anyways, would you suggest I cut back a bit on the exercise? If it’s okay for me to exercise as much as I have been during the first cycle then what is a good way to increase my calories? I know that may be a dumb question but I mean should I just eat more proteins and veggies? I greatly appreciate your advice by the way! Thank you so much!

        • Hi Travis! Not really knowing what caloric intake you personally need to sustain a regular day based on height, weight, age, activity level, etc, and not knowing what you’re eating throughout the day, you can do one of two things:

          1. Keep your caloric intake the same and reduce your exercise a bit OR
          2. Keep your exercise where it’s at (especially if you’re used to that level normally) and increase your caloric intake (increasing protein will be your easiest way as veggies are much lower in calories).

          It’s quite possible you’re not getting enough calories based on your activity level, but you won’t know until you know how many calories you need based on all those factors (you can use online calculators or apps to determine how many calories you need).

          I’d also recommend that you’re drinking enough water. Two important factors to weight loss on the 17DD – getting sufficient water and enough food!


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