Quick Diet Tips and Reminders for Cycle 1

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Quick Tips and Reminders for Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet

Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet is all about releasing toxins from your body by eliminating carbs and sugar and jumpstarting your diet by rapid weight loss.  Here are a few quick tips and reminders for a successful Cycle 1 weight loss:

  1. Stay on Cycle 1 for only 17 days–not a day longer
  2. Don’t forget to have your wake-up drink of hot water and lemon– every day!
  3. If you’re hungry, eat more vegetables and protein– no reason to ever be hungry on Cycle 1
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Exercise at least 17 minutes a day– no vigorous exercise while detoxing!
  6. Enjoy your green tea
  7. Make sure you have your two servings of probiotics— it’s not just about yogurt
  8. Be creative in your meal preparation– there’s no reason to get bored with your meals
  9. No fruit after 2pm
  10. If it’s not on the approved food list, don’t eat it!


Remember, if you have more weight to lose continue onto Cycle 2.  Cycle 1 is not meant to be a lifestyle, so once your 17 days are up, move onto the next cycle.

Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

Are You New to the 17 Day Diet?

Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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14 thoughts on “Quick Diet Tips and Reminders for Cycle 1”

  1. I didn’t have the book for the 1st 10 days and I ate blueberries at night and had more than 2 TLBS of olive oil per day. I followed everything else, just missed those 2 things. Should I start completely over or just keep going?

    • Kathy, if you can drink probiotic milk, that would be helpful as it’s allowed in all cycles. If not, it probably won’t prevent you from staying on the 17dd.

  2. What if I can’t have dairy and in cycle one theres lots of cheese and yogurt. Can I have almond milk based yogurt instead? I dont think it has probiotic though ?

    • Hi Izzy. First, there are other ways to get probiotics in besides yogurt. I go over that here: https://17ddblog.com/must-i-eat-yogurt-on-the-17-day-diet/

      If you decide to use a non-dairy yogurt as a substitute, the only way you’ll know if there are probiotics in the yogurt if it’s listed on the label. Many fruit flavored dairy varieties only list “active cultures” and it’s never really clear how many and if they’re actually still alive.

      Most of the time you’re safe if you actually see the probiotic strains listed on the label. You can see what I refer to in this post where I go over a few labels (for sugar content purposes, but it has a picture of the label so you can see what I’m referring to). Here it is: https://17ddblog.com/sugar-in-yogurt/

      At the end of the day, you can always take a probiotic supplement, too.

    • There are two books you can get on Amazon – the original and the Breakthrough Edition. I recommend the latest edition (Breakthrough) as it has more ways to help you lose weight and it also has recipes. Here’s a link to the 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition: https://amzn.to/2Y4U0Kj


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