Help, I’m a Late Night Snacker!

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Are you a late night snacker? No worries, you're not alone! Here are a few tips to help you out!
Oh boy, have I been hearing this cry for help the last few weeks from fellow dieters of the 17 Day Diet.

“Help, I’m a late night snacker! Can you help me?”

My usual response?

An evening snack isn’t such a bad idea.

My experience?

When I was on a medical doctor supervised diet four years ago, I was instructed to have a snack between 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

What did my evening snack consist of?

I ate lean proteins (such as egg whites or a few ounces of chicken) or a small protein shake that was less than 100 calories.

Why did my doctor prescribe me an evening snack?

Well, the simple answer is this:  a small protein-rich snack a few hours before bedtime actually helps keep your blood sugars stabilized while you sleep for 6-8 hours at night.

Don’t you feel a bit sluggish and sometimes a bit weak if you don’t eat any food for 6 hours during the day while you’re awake?

Same situation exists while you sleep.

Make sense, right?

A real life illustration:

A dieter named, Suzy, left a review on the 17DD Blog just recently about the 17 Day Diet.  She goes on to say that she tried the diet (first without knowing those with Type I Diabetes really shouldn’t be on the 17 Day Diet), and was having an insulin reaction sometime in the early morning hours between 3-4am during her first week.

This 17 Day Diet review just illustrates that it is possible for sugar levels to reach lows while we sleep. Having a snack before bed time might help with this issue.

This blog article isn’t about how to stay on the diet if you’re Type I Diabetic (check with your doctor before starting any type of diet).

What this article is about, is telling yourself that it is OK to have a small snack in the evening to help keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

What type of evening snacks are acceptable?

Don’t go overboard on your snacking, but remember, the 17 Day Diet Book tells us that if we are hungry, you are allowed to eat unlimited veggies and lean proteins while on Cycles 1 and 2.  Just know when you’re “hunger meter” is full.

Use your discretion. Keep your evening snacks to a minimum, keep them low in carbs and higher in protein.

Do you have a snack in the evening to help keep your blood sugars stable while sleeping?


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Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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