I’m Not Stepping on a Weight Scale This Time Around

I'm Changing it up a bit this time around -- I'm not stepping foot on a weight scale. It's all about how my clothes fit better and how my knees no longer ache! If you’ve read my previous blog post about mini weight loss goals, you might know that I’m leaving for Maui on December 7th.

This means I have less than 3 months to lose some weight so I don’t feel like a beached whale while on vacation!

Normally when I’m on a weight loss routine, I gladly weigh myself every single day.

This time around I’m taking a different approach.

I’ve decided in addition to meeting small mini-milestones along the way rather than focus on the big picture, I will not be stepping foot on a weight scale.

Call it an experiment, if you will.

I believe a number is just a number on the scale. For me, the true test is how I feel feel when I’m wearing my clothes.

How do I feel when my knees no longer ache walking down the stairs to my car?

How do I feel when I’m able to slip back into those “skinny” jeans that I had been wearing proudly the year before?

These are the indicators I’ll be using to know that my diet is making a difference.

Besides, the number on the scale may not move for a few days, but your clothes are getting loser by the hour!

Why let a number discourage you?

It's not the number on the scale that counts...it's how you FEEL when your clothes fit better!

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