My Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet (free PDF download)

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Have you ever started a diet without having a weight loss goal in mind? Maybe perhaps you were looking for your jeans to feel a little looser and didn’t put a number down on paper.

Your 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet

What happened? Did your jeans fit better or did you give up before you tried because you really didn’t have a set goal written down for daily review and reminder?

Having a goal written down on paper keeps us on the right path, not to mention the right mindset for weight loss success!

Studies do show that having a goal that is written down, reviewed often and is realistic and easily attained, helps us achieve what we set out to reach for.

I have a free download available to you called My Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet. My hope is that this worksheet is the first step in your weight loss success.

Your 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet

Get your Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet now.


If you want to take your weight loss goal setting one step further, consider using a daily food journal that you use to keep track of your food and water intake, as well as your weight loss goals.

I have a paperback journal called Simply Me and it’s available on Amazon now.

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