Perfect Barbecue All-in-One Burger Recipe

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All-In-One Burger (without the bun)Here is a kicked up version of the ole’ hamburger without the bun!  Depending on which cycle you’re on, choose ground chicken, beef, turkey or lamb (or a combination of any lean meats).


All-in-One Burgers


1/4 pound ground sirloin beef, turkey or chicken
Sugar-free ketchup to taste
Mustard to taste
Chopped dill pickle to taste
Chopped onion to taste
Diced tomato to taste
Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste
Worcestershire to taste


2 Ways to Prepare:

1. Combine all ingredients and form a patty; grill or pan fry until done. Eat with your favorite veggies or wrap in lettuce for protein style burger.




2. Combine all ingredients and without forming a patty, cook everything in pan until done.  Make a lettuce wrap or add veggies for stir-fry.

Cycle 1: Serve “protein-style” wrapped in lettuce and include your favorite veggies such as tomatoes or onion

Cycle 2: Serve over brown rice

Cycle 3: Fill pita pocket with meat mixture or patty.


Yields 1 Serving

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