Low Carb Chicken Lombardy

Low Carb Chicken Lombardy Recipe for the 17 Day Diet

Sometimes I crave a dinner that’s filled with “comfort” flavors – you know the one I’m talking about right? A dish that’s brimming with cheese and mushrooms and all the …

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Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas

The great thing about eating healthy is your body is getting so many nutrient-rich foods that your sugar cravings usually disappear. However, sometimes we crave a healthy dessert for special …

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Recipe Ideas for Mother’s Day

Here are recipe ideas for Mother's Day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

Celebrating holidays (even Hallmark ones) while trying to lose weight on the 17 Day Diet can be tough! However, when you have a slew of healthy and yummy recipes in …

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Bang Bang Chicken Kebabs

Bang Bang Chicken Kebabs for the 17 Day Diet

When you’re looking for sweet and spicy without all the extra calories and fat, here’s a recipe straight from my Yummy Cycle  1 recipe book you’re going to want to …

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Waffle Omelettes

Waffle Omelettes for the 17 Day Diet

There’s not a better breakfast combination than eggs, veggies and cheese. Sure, you can scramble up a few eggs and throw in your favorite greens, but why not make them …

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Chicken Paprikash

Chicken Paprikash - a tasty recipe for the 17 Day Diet! (approved for all cycles!!)

This was a lovely dish I recently featured in my last C1 Challenge (it was actually borrowed from my Simply17 weekly dinner meal plan service). Photo above courtesy of community …

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