Easy Tips to Stay on Track During the Holiday


7 Quick Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays!

There is no reason to deprive yourself during the holiday season, especially when you’re trying to lose weight with the 17 Day Diet.

I believe there needs to be a bit of a balance in life – if you’re trying to lose weight around the holidays, give yourself a bit of flexibility.

This isn’t permission to go overboard, but if you happen to partake in the festivities, here are a few easy tips to keep you on track with your weight loss:

1. Exercise

Plan a bit of exercise in your day if you’re planning on indulging more than usual

Exercise during the holidays to give you extra room for cheats!

2. Regular Meal Schedule

Make sure you keep a normal meal schedule (in other words, don’t skip meals!).

Keep on a regular meal schedule during the holidays


3. Main Meal Early in the Day

Have your main holiday meal in the early afternoon – this gives you some time to burn off a few calories before bedtime

Eat your main meal early in the day during the holiday!

4. Practice Moderation

If you want to eat something that’s not 17 Day Diet approved, use the “in moderation” rule.

Everything in moderation!

5. Smoothies for Recovery

Plan a Transitional Day Fast the day before or after your holiday celebration.

Enjoy a Transitional Day Fast for recovery

6. Post Holiday Detox

Consider a 2-day post holiday detox if you overdo it over a holiday. This is a great way to get a quick jumpstart on your weight loss after holiday indulgence!


7. Cycle 1 Clean Eating

Participate in three days of cycle 1 right before the holiday to prepare for your feast (and three days of Cycle 1 after your holiday regardless of the current cycle you’re on).

Clean eating before and after your holiday makes a difference!

In the end, be creative, allow yourself flexibility and more importantly, have fun with family and friends and remember, tomorrow is a new day!

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