Let’s Get the Scale Moving Again!

Help! I've hit a plateau and can't lose anymore weight!

You’ve been through all three cycles and you’ve hit a pesky plateau…

Mama mia! You’re obsessed with the scale, you *think* you’ve been eating right, and you’re just not making any progress on the 17 Day Diet!

It’s super frustrating and totally discouraging when the scale stops moving even though you’re doing all you can.

Thank your lucky stars at least the number is NOT going up. Either way, it’s a bummer!

You want to rev up your metabolism and shake things up! 

I’ve broken down all the reasons why your weight loss might stall, and a few ways to get right back on track!

Let’s get the scale moving again in the right direction, shall we?

Two Mistakes You Might Be Making If You're Not Losing Weight
Cheated on the 17 Day Diet? Have a Transitional Day Fast (aka Smoothie Day)

Want more? Check this out and find out how Simple N’ Lean 17 can help you break through your plateau and keep meals interesting so you don’t give up!

Help! I've hit a plateau! No worries, we'll get the scale moving again with the 17 Day Diet!

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