Two Mistakes You Might Be Making If You’re Not Losing Weight

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Two Mistakes You Might Be Making If You're Not Losing Weight

Are you having issues with not losing weight in Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet? People are led to believe they can lose up to 10 to 12 pounds during the first 17 day cycle. And you can.

But there are some people who don’t have these results.

I hear the same thing time after time…..

“I am so hungry on this diet” or “I haven’t lost any weight in Cycle 1″…

There are two things wrong with these statements…

1. You should NEVER feel hungry on the 17 Day Diet; and

2. It’s nearly impossible NOT to lose any weight on Cycle 1.


If you’re feeling hungry or you’re not losing weight on Cycle 1 or 2, ask yourself a few questions:

1. Am I drinking enough water?

Many times “hunger” really is our body telling us that we are dehydrated and need water.

2. Am I eating enough food on Cycles 1 and 2?

Remember, liberal amounts of  vegetables and lean proteins are one of the basic rules of Cycles 1 and 2.

If you feel hungry, eat more green, leafy veggies.

If you’re not losing any weight during Cycle 1, increase your protein and vegetable intake to see if this helps.

However, remember to increase your water intake to accommodate the increase in fiber and protein or you may find yourself constipated!

Two Mistakes You Might Be Making if You're NOT Losing Weight in Cycle 1 of the 17 Day Diet

Case Study

I had a blog reader who emailed me asking why all the sudden her weight loss stopped in Cycle 1.

I had her go back to her food journal to see what had changed.

She discovered that because she wasn’t feeling all that hungry, she decreased the amount of protein and veggies she was eating.

When she had done this, guess what happened? Her weight loss stopped. Your body gets used to not having enough calories and guess what it does?

It holds onto every ounce of fat you have to keep you alive!

It’s important to eat enough calories to sustain you throughout your day, to allow your body to use this food for energy and to boost your metabolism.

Remember, liberal amounts of lean proteins and veggies in Cycles 1 and 2 for a healthier you!

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82 thoughts on “Two Mistakes You Might Be Making If You’re Not Losing Weight”

  1. Great reminder! I find that I am so full I cant fit in that second fruit or pro-biotic. I feel like I am always eating on this diet and I love it!

  2. Yes, thanks for this reminder. I too find that I forget that I can increase both of those & then… the weight removal slows or stops.

  3. What about calorie intake? I was told mine should be 1200 a day for weight loss by my doctor. Does it matter on this diet if I go over some? It’s been 6 days on cycle, I’ve lost 3 lbs. I think I need to increase my protein and veggies, but that would bring me over 1200.

    • I think on this diet you want to eat a minimum of 1200 calories just to start off with. If you increase your calories by lean protein and veggies, this will actually help you lose weight. It seems weird to eat more you lose more, but this is how it works.

  4. I am confused by the unlimted statement vs the meal plans. Does that mean I can eat umlimited protein and veggies anytime of the day, or only at set meal times?

    • Unlimited veggies and protein in Cycles 1 and 2. Unlimited non-starchy veggies in Cycle 3 and limit protein to size of sponge in Cycle 3. The sample menu plans are guides, but unlimited veggies/protein is acceptable if you find yourself hungry.

  5. As I sit here and type this I am wondering HOW in the world anyone could be hungry on this diet!!! I have a hard time making sure I get all the REQUIRED food in…I am at the end of day 4 of cycle 1, and this morning I was down 4.5 lbs …

    I have a great breakfast (4 egg whites, 1.5 tlbs bell peppers, onions, spinach, and asparagus) top with FF cheese and microwave,

    probiotic greek yogurt with sugar free preserves,

    healthy lunch (foods on the list)

    veg dip (probiotic yogurt mixed with SF salsa) and tons of vegs

    Then a nice dinner before 6pm…

    I drink at least 90 oz water a day…and AS INSTRUCTED in the book I a glass of green tea sweetened with stevia with every meal.

    I am not getting in 17 min of exercise twice a day as instructed but I am trying to do better…

    I know how hard it is for some people to diet and usually it is for me as well. but I have to say I am loving the meals combinations, I feel fantastic and I am very happy with my weight loss..

    I wish you all luck…

    • I was shocked to see that I had lost 6.2 pounds half way through week one of Cycle 1!!!! Talk about a giant motivational leap!
      Question: I was afraid of fat free cheese as there is some added ingredients that are questionable to me. Is it really okay to have FF cheese?

      • Valerie, congrats on your 6.2 pounds! Even though the 17DD says it’s OK to eat FF cheese (or FF anything) in moderation under the condiment section, I personally don’t like fat-free foods as there is usually yucky ingredients added back in to make it taste better. I’d prefer to eat less of a low fat or full fat food.

  6. My spouse and I are on day 13 of cycle 1. We do not count calories at all, we make sure we do not get hungry.

    I had 100 lbs to lose and have lost 10 so far.

  7. Thanks for tip. I have stalled after losing 10 pounds my first 7 days in cycle one. I have been exercising about 40_50 minutes a day. I drink about 100 oz of water a day and haven’t cheated once even when eating out. I drink lots of green tea. I rarely get hungry and think maybe I am eating too little. I am gonna try to force myself to eat more and let you know if this helps.

    • It’s very possible that you’re not eating enough. If you don’t already, try keeping a food journal so you can review past entries when you might have this pop up again in the future. Good luck!

  8. Looking for help on this. I lost 15 pounds on cycle one. Awesome! However, I have been on cycle two for two weeks. Not only have I not lost any weight, I have gained two pounds! I am following the diet religiously – eating enough (as I did in cycle 1), drinking the recommended water, and drinking lemon water and green tea. The only thing I am not doing is exercising, as I am physically handicapped and cannot do so. Could it be that my body cannot tolerate the new food groups allowed in cycle two? I am so discouraged I am ready to give up. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  9. Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much for replying so promptly. Your comment about “having too much fun with the extra choices” resonated with me. At first, it was exciting to think about having new food choices, but now I feel like I resent them. This love-hate relationship with food is so complex and bizarre. Instead of just adding more cycle 1 days, could it be that maybe I need to just stick to cycle 1 forever until I reach my weight loss goals (75 more pounds)?

    • Hi Cindy. Like you, I was SO excited to start C2 because I could eat beef (I’m a red meat lover). When I got to C2, I sort of went c-r-a-z-y. Intellectually, I know that I should not have this type of relationship with my food, but it’s still difficult. I would suggest NOT staying on C1 more than 17 days at a time — this is highly discouraged in the book. Try your best through C2 and C3. Go back to C1 after you have gone all the way through. Just keep strong and look for others for support (if you haven’t liked the FB page, do that now for extra support: ).

  10. It really is quite amazing how complex the relationship is between our intellectual thought and our emotional reactions. Weight-loss is a journey filled with opportunities to stay grounded in intellectual reason (It’s not a diet; I’m eating to be healthy; weight loss is just a nice perk) vs. emotional reaction (What? I sacrificed all this great food for nothing? I gained? Damn this diet.). It is so easy to get trapped in an emotional course. Sometimes we just need a reminder to refocus and stick to an intellectual one. You did that for me today. Thanks.

      • Hi, I tried this diet before but I gain my weight back, in fact more of it. I wanted to lose it all again. But this time, it seems tougher. I kept on cheating by eating biscuits and what not. Do you have any advice? Please help :(

  11. Thanks for this. My wife and I are on day 5 of Cycle 1. I had been feeling like I was starving on the first three days but I’ve had more water and leafy vegetables and am more satisfied. I’ve also lost 7 pounds so far, which is crazy, but I have quite a bit to lose to reach my goal.

    I feel cleansed, lighter, it’s working well, and it’s really not that hard. It can’t be when everything is laid out so well. Your note about water intake’s link to constipation is helpful as well.

    Anyway, thanks!

  12. Hi, i have a question, if my goal weight isn’t achieved by the time cycle 4 rolls around do i start again at cycle 1 and keep doing cycles 1, 2, 3 till i reach my goal and then move to cycle 4? I’ve got 100 pounds to lose. Thanks..

    • Once you’ve reached the end of Cycle 3 and still have more weight to lose, you can go back to a cycle of your choice. Many people who have a lot of weight to lose go through Cycles 1, 2 and 3 then go back and do 1, 2, and 3 again until they’ve reached their desired weight loss. Good luck, Sharline!

  13. So I am curious how I can do cycle 1 of this diet now that I am a vegetarian and breastfeeding my 11 week old. I don’t think I can get enough protein without beans or other non meats supplements. Any suggestions?

    • Amanda, the book advises that vegetarians can easily follow the diet. However, while breast feeding, you may want to check with your doctor to see if this diet will provide sufficient protein for you and your baby.

      A side note — the book instructs vegans to use meat substitutes. I’m not sure of your lifestyle, but hopefully this helps a bit. Good luck!

      • I don’t eat meat substitutes but I am willing to try. I usually get my protein via dairy, nuts/nut butters and beans.

        • Amanda, you can also get a lot of protein with greek yogurt (although I’m sure you are aware of this). Try it out and see if it’s something you can do. Good luck to you!

  14. I lost 13.6 pounds on cycle 1 and feel great nervous to start cycle 2 as have so much more to lose but will keep going. I am mentally feeling happy about changing life for my health.

  15. Today is day 1 of Cycle 2 for me. I lost 11 lbs on cycle 1 and am wondering how much loss to expect in cycle 2? Thanks for all the pointers in your blog, I will be cautious as I proceed. I might do the 2 days cycle 1, 1 day cycle 2 as suggested. Thanks

    • Hi Tina, first, congrats on your weight loss! To be perfectly honest, people experience different results on Cycle 2. Some lose weight, but not as much as in C1 and others don’t slow down quite a bit. All I can say is good luck!!

  16. Is there a problem for me to do rigourious exercise on the detox cycle? I generally do high intesity cardio/weights 2-3 times a week and would prefer not to stop.

  17. I am not able to do that with my current membership to orangetheory fitness. I pay for 8 class a month and if I don’t use them I will lose them and its not cheap. On the days I attend class, is there anything I should do differently?

  18. I generally don’t work out until 430pm or 545pm, I’ll just take it day by day and see how things go. Might need to have a yam at lunch on the days I plan on working out hard, generally burn 600 calories in an hour. I have about 10 lbs to lose that I have been struggling with. Maybe a modfied diet with reduced carbs will help.

  19. I am a thyroid cancer survivor so some of my food intake times is limited due to taking medication but I do the best I can and will report back with my modifications. Thanks for your help and support.

  20. Do you have to go through all 3 cycles? If you want to loose more weight after going through the 3 cycles do you need to go back to cycle one? If you do go back to cycle one and loose the remaining weight what do you do then?

    • Sarah, the book recommends you go through all three cycles to start. If you have additional weight to lose, you can either go back to C1 and go through all three again, or you can go back to your favorite cycle (C1, 2 or 3). If you lose all the remaining weight during C1 on the second round, you can go ahead to C4, which is the maintenance phase.

      • Okay just wanted to check that if you went back to the first cycle after already going through C1-C3 that you didn’t have to completely go through all the cycles again when you reached your goal weight. I understand the green tea, and drink enough water. I saw that coffee was ok, right? Obviously not putting anything in it, but black coffee is permitted right?

  21. So I’ve been on cycle 1 for 6 days now and have not lost any weight. My husband has dropped five lbs. I drink more than 2litres of water per day and have followed the plan to the letter. I am eating about 1600/1700 calories a day with lots of protein (4 egg whites in am, ckn breast at lunch and two ground turkey patties at dinner with lots of steamed veggies and salads). I eat my fruits and probiotics as instructed. I am so puzzled?

    • Cindy, we all lose weight differently. It’s so hard to say, especially if you know 100% you are doing all you can according to the diet. If you don’t see any weight loss happen soon, you may want to check with your health care professional.

  22. I started this diet just today. Im planing my groceries ahead and Ive been checking what I need for the next few days (I must add that I follow meal plan from the book). On the 4 cycle 1, snacks arent listed. I was wondering if its an error in a book or is it because there is Kefir with fruit on breakfast and then again yogurt with fruit for dessert (plus super salad) on lunch – so already 2 serves of fruit and 2 of probiotic. Should I skip those snacks or maybe eat vegetables from the list instead? Thanks

    • Kaja, it’s likely an error (there are quite a few in the book). At the end of the day, if you’re hungry on Cycle 1, then you should have a snack. If you need a snack, you can either have protein or veggies – your choice!

  23. Thank you Torey. I have another question. When the book says liberal amount of chicken – what does it mean? One breast of chicken or more like 2? I could easily eat 2 with vegetables but I dont know if it isnt too much

    • Very basic rule – eat until you’re not hungry. Eat more when you’re hungry. There is no set amount of protein. It’s just following your stomach and not over eating.

  24. Hi Torey. Thanks for all your help. Im now on day 7 and I lost 4.9 lbs. Looks like this is working for me well. I only need to lose 8-9 more pounds so I think I can do that on Cycle 1 and 2. I was wondering when I get to Cycle 4, could I stay on it as long as I want or is there any limit for that? I read Cycle 4 chapter from the book and this sounds so good for me that I could make it my new lifestyle. Rules are pretty simple on that diet but anyway I always have the book in the kitchen in case I need some guidance.

    • Hi Kaja, Cycle 4 really is the maintenance cycle, and most people who graduate from the diet use C4 as their new lifestyle. So go for it if you feel it works well for you! Congrats on your weight loss so far!!

  25. How is it with the drinking water? Book says that flavored water doesnt count to those 8 glasses a day. I really have to force myself to drink water. Im worried that one day I might not be able to do it anymore. Plain water makes mi sick, I really hate drinking it :( Before I went on that diet Ive had been drinking flavored water – Nestle ( I could be drinking liters of it because its tasty. Does it really matter if it has some flavor? Its still zero calorie, no sugar. What do you think?

    • Kaja, there is a reason the doctor has told us in his book that “flavored” water does not count towards your water intake. If you look at the ingredients of the Nestle product you’re linking to, you’ll see they sweeten the water with Sucralose. Sucralose is Splenda and Splenda is NOT good for you! Artificial sweeteners generally are not good for you. I’d rather you put a slice of lemon in your water than either not drinking at all, or drinking the flavored water that contains bad ingredients.

  26. Hi! I just started the 17 day diet! I’m a big snacker and find that I am hungry soon after my meals. How many snacks am I allowed each day? And what should they be? Am I only limited to the 2nd portion of my probiotic and fruits?

    • Jayme, you are allowed liberal amounts of lean proteins and cleansing veggies on Cycle 1 and 2, so if you’re hungry eat as much as you need to without stuffing yourself. I’d stick with the recommended two servings and probiotics and fruit per day, but load up on veggies and proteins.

  27. Hi torey;
    juste wanted to ask; i actually took on a great amount of weight, so i’ve decided to start the challenge. My question is: i’m not a heavy eater ! and just can’t eat during the morning. I’ve tried many time but this just made my diet fall of cause i said i wont do it!
    i drink lemon and water as i wake up and i need at least 4 hours to be hungry; and that suits me cause i’m more focused this way espacially caude i have an ADD.
    2- Can i add spiruline and lin seed?
    and i bought konjac , this may help , i can give you a receipe i made with it!

    What is your advice to support the skin, cause if we have a lot to loose this may cause slackening.

    many thank’s for your blog


    • Lisa, if you try to eat a small meal at breakfast time, you’ll find in time you’ll eventually be hungry and you’ll likely find you’ll start losing weight.

      I am not too familiar with the items you mention. Spiruline – I have no idea about! Lin seed (from flax seed?) is not technically on the diet, but I’ve used it and I personally thinks it’s fine. Konjac – this seems to resemble a starchy potato/yam, so I think it might be OK during C2 as one of your starchy veggies.

      I’m not an expert on skin care, so you may want to see out a professional that handles that sort of thing! Good luck!

  28. I was wondering if we are allowed to eat nuts, like cashews, almonds, etc. And Avocado??

    Thanks in advance!

  29. Hello,
    I started Cycle 1 one week ago and I feel ok. I am worried about couple of things though:

    1. I dont feel hungry between meals, which feels weird and sometimes I feel like I want to skip a meal but I did not. I made sure to eat my meal even if I dont feel like it. however, I am not eating nay of the snacks provided in the menu. can this affect results?

    2. couple of days ago, I started to feel nauseous and like I want to vomit when I eat. mainly when drinking the hot water with lemon, yogurt, and cleansing raw veggies. do you have nay suggestions.

    • Hi Mary! I think the best thing to do is eat when hungry, and if you’re not hungry then no need to have a snack. It is important to get used to eating meals and not skipping too many. Your body really needs to be fueled with healthy food so your metabolism is running at full speed!

      I’m not sure what to say about feeling nauseous. I’d skip the hot lemon water — I don’t think it’s fully necessary. You can always take a probiotic supplement or eat another probiotic food from the list rather than yogurt. Maybe try eating your veggies cooked instead of raw to see if that helps.

  30. Hi my husband and I lost weight on the diet and have kept it off for 3 years. The problem is I have gained 8 pounds over the last year and am trying to lose the weight with no success. I have done cycles 1 and 2 with little or no results. I am 52 so I know my metabolism is changing due to menopause and just being over 50. I love my 17 day diet but am getting discouraged when I start cycle 1 and get to day 14 with only a 2lb weight loss. Is there any advice you could give me to jump start my weight loss again. I am shooting for 10 lbs this time. By the way I lost 18lbs when I first started the diet and my husband 26.

  31. Hi there! I finished Cycle 1 but didn’t always respect it due to traveling. At the end of Cycle 1 I left on a trip and ate regular, it was for a 3 day wedding, so everything they served us. Starches, meats, grains, etc. Should I restart Cycle 1 since I had cheated a hand full of days?

    • Hi Aura, I’d keep moving forward. If you have all or most of the ingredients, consider a Transitional Day Fast (aka smoothie day). More info here:

      If you don’t have the ingredients, just start Cycle 2 as you normally would. If you feel like you might cheat here and there, it might be a good idea to have ingredients on hand to do the smoothie day if you need a bit of a jump start. Good luck!


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