Charlene, a Physical Ed Teacher, Shares her Weight Loss Journey

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Read about Charlene's weight loss story with her results from the 17 Day Diet

Charlene’s story touched me… that’s all I can say to prep you for what you’ll read next. To show your support for Charlene and her journey beyond what’s she has already shared with us, please leave Charlene  a comment below.

Charlene writes in her own words the following…

I enjoy reading your blog and find that it has been quite motivational in my personal body transformation. I wanted to share with you my success story with the 17 Day Diet. While I have not yet reached my goal, I started using the 17 diet system August 2011. I am 5’4″ female at age 58. What makes my story a bit different is that I am physical education teacher and have been so for 30 plus years. After hearing a news story about our local television weatherman losing over 50 pounds and his wife losing slightly less using the 17 day diet I decided to invest money in purchasing the book.

I have tried lots of diet programs that have been out on the market over the years. Walk Away the Pounds, Richard Simons, Stop the Insanity, Beach Body makeover, etc. I thought, why not try one more. Over the years, I would lose weight and then gain back a bit more than what I lost. This cycle continued over and over again. After hormonal changes and having two years of painful plantar fasciitis I found my weight spiraling out of control. I had to stop the increase for my own health and because I was not practicing what I was preaching to my elementary students. I felt like a hypocrite. I knew what I should be doing but was not heeding my own words.

As a health professional I understood the ramifications of being overweight but I needed to empower myself to get going on a new path. Last August was the final straw. I had finally outgrown my size 18 jeans and headed the women’s plus size clothing and I looked in the dressing room mirror and said “No”. I was not going to buy one more new size in clothing. I had a closet filled with items from size 10 to size 18 and I was not purchasing anything else. So I read the book and I prayed about it. Yes I did say pray because I believe that I had to turnover my food addiction to God and to admit that I was powerless without His help. I decided that I had to take a good look at why my weight always went down and up like a yo-yo. I came to the conclusion that I needed to make a permanent live change. And so I began.

The first cycle was a tough but I hung in and lost 12 pounds. It was a big boost to my morale and it kick started me on my way. The first few weeks, I lost 3 and 4 pounds per week. By the end of November I had gone from 220 pounds to 170. I had resolved to stay with it. The weight did not happen over night and so I was determined to allow it to come off slowly. People started noticing in September and then December. People I had not seen for awhile were totally amazed. They asked me what my secret was and I shared the 17 Day Diet. But I told them that it should not be called 17 Day Diet even though it goes through the cycles but that it should be called the 17 Day Cycle Lifestyle Change.

Before when I went on a diet, I knew that it would end and that is why I gained weight. But now I have made a committment to lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of my life. I am now soon approaching one year anniversary of using the 17 Day Diet and I now weigh 155 lbs or a total weight loss of 65 pounds. I am not finished. I have 30 more pounds to go although people tell me I look great and I don’t need to lose anymore weight. I have dropped from a soon to have been size 20 to a size 10. I feel great and my cholestoral levels were all in good ranges when I had blood work done this spring. I walk a brisk 5 miles every day for an hour and workout with weights to help increase muscle and improve my metabolism.(One note: I have been very fortunate in that I have always exercised and hid my weight well. People do not believe me when I tell them what I actually weighed last year.)

I now know that I will always have issues with food and that there are some foods that I can not endulge in. But I love that I can still treat myself to a sweet or pizza now and then without feeling guity. I also found another weight loss partner at my work to confide in. My husband did not want me to bring home the foods he desired so that it would sabatoge my progress. He has changed his eating habits and has now lost 38 pounds and dropped two pant sizes. I now have chosen to eat to live rather then live to eat. Thanks for the support I receive in your blog. It continues to be a compass in which to direct me to my desired weight goal for life.


Charlene L.

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6 thoughts on “Charlene, a Physical Ed Teacher, Shares her Weight Loss Journey”

  1. Hi Charlene. Congratulations on your success and what’s to come!!!! Your story touched my heart because for the first time I heard someone else say they needed God’s help to overcome their food addiction. (For months I’ve been trying to trick myself into not believing that I had an issue with food because I felt that was a sign of weakness and to me its embarrasing). But I too have that problem and although we control what we put in are mouths my habits come from my background. Let me just say “Soul food”. From Mac-n-cheese to homemade cakes, donuts and pies. Reading your story was like reading my thoughts that I’ve never been bold enough to speak or put on paper. You inspire me and I know I’m not alone. You are blessed to have a husband who would put aside his own desires to help you succeed I commend him. Goodluck and keep up the great work.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I think too many people are looking for the magic potion to lose weight. When I started this process of change, I also had to take a look at my own emotional issues and to also seek the direction of God as I went through this process. For me, it should have been a no brainer, but as a human, I wanted to do it myself. All those past times failed. I also had to be made aware that this is not something that will just go away but will be a lifetime struggle. But I know that the longer I maintain, the easier it will become.

      While it makes me feel good to get all the positive feedback from others, I also have to realize that once I have lost my desired weight, the feedback will stop and I will need to rely on all the personal benefits and not the accolades of praise. For me it will be the satisfaction of knowing that I am healthy again. No fatique, no sore back, or feet issues, better heart health and lowering my risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes too. The great thing is that my hubby is on board and he looks great and for the first time, is not winded when walking and has lost his back pain issues.

      I wish everyone success in reaching their goals and hope that their journey will be eye opening as well as transforming.

  2. Hi Charlene, good on you. you have done amazingly well, i take my hat to you. i’m 58 and have tried every diet under the sun. and as yo said the word DIET, when i have lost a certain amount where i feel a bit better then i go off the DIET. i will try the 17 DAY DIET and see how i go. once again well done, be very proud of yourself


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