Robyn’s 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Story

Read about Robyn's weight loss journey with the 17 Day Diet

Last week I received an email from Robyn S., one of the blog readers and currently on the 17 Day Diet.  I just loved what she wrote so much that I asked her if I could share her story with you.

Here’s what Robyn wrote:

I’m down 5.4 pounds after week 1 (I only have 15 pounds total) so I’m very happy so far.  It’s a lot easier in week 2, and I’m learning to cook some of the recipes (made stuffed peppers a few days ago, we’re barbecuing artichokes tonight, and we’re making eggplant parmesan tomorrow) and that feels more like regular food.  My hubby is down 7 pounds after week 1 (YAY!).
Being a visionary helps in that we’re trying to focus on what it will be like when we’re through all the weight loss instead of focusing on what we’re restricted from now.  Paul says in the bible that sin was dead until the law came, meaning we didn’t know how sinful we were until the Law (God’s Word) came and said we can’t do this or that, then we realized that’s all we wanted to do!  It’s the same with a diet.  You are instructed not to eat this or that, and just because they said you can’t, even if it wasn’t your favorite in the first place, that’s all you want to eat!
Looking forward to when I can have a blueberry pancake, but for now, the aroma when the kids make them is a better-than-nothing alternative.
I love the part where Robyn talks about focusing on the end result rather than focusing on the restrictions.  
Begin able to visualize the weight loss before you’ve lost weight can really be a way to increase your success in weight loss — or anything for that matter.
If you have a story you’d like to share with the 17 Day Diet Blog, send us an email and your story could possibly be shared on the blog to help inspire others who are trying to lose weight.

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