Patricia’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

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Read about Patricia's success with the 17 Day Diet

Patricia’s story landed in my inbox a few days ago and I loved reading what she wrote.  For those of you who have quite a bit of weight to lose, it’s inspiring to hear Patricia’s journey.  She gives us inspiration and hope that it can indeed be done.   Here’s her story in her own words…

Just after Christmas 2011, I was playing on the floor with my 7 year old and when I needed to crawl to the couch to get up off the floor. I hit “my rock bottom”! I knew I had to do something. I was on two medications for high blood pressure, my blood sugar was going higher and I just could not be the mom I wanted to be.

Then my sister found the 17 day diet. We both started the diet but for health reasons she could not continue. I knew I had to do something and this diet seemed real easy to follow. I was eathing more than I had ever eaten in my life. The difference was I was eating real food this time.

Today, I have lost 102 lbs and I have 8 lbs left to reach my goal. These have been the hardest but I think it is cause I am so close. I know I will do it but I have to remember to see how far I have come and not focus on the last 8 lbs. I sing the praises of this diet to anyone who asked me how did you do it! Thank you DR. Mike!!! now my daughter has a new mom. Anyone reading this….if you stick with it, and it really can be done, you too can be at your goal! best of luck to everyone.

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