Marie’s Incredible Weight Loss Story

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Read about Marie's incredible weight loss story when she lost weight with the 17 Day Diet

I received an email yesterday from Marie, a 17 Day Diet Blog reader.  Her story inspired me so much that I asked Marie if I could share her words with you to maybe inspire you.  Please submit your comments below if you want to share your thoughts with Marie or other readers. Here’s Marie’s incredible weight loss story:

Well, I’ve been on this 17 Day Diet (structure) for 85 days. I’ve lost 44.5 lbs. I’ve gone from a size 32 pants to a size 26. My shoes feel a bit looser, Bras looser, gone down a size in underwear. I got a fantastic haircut! I started working out about 2 weeks ago and am feeling alot better about that as well. I’ve even had life events come up and the food that has gone with them… and still I’ve made such progress that I’m so beyond thrilled with.

85 days ago, I couldn’t stand more than 5 minutes. I couldn’t walk the length of a football field (end of carpark at work) without stopping and bending over. My back was spasming so out of control that I was in such pain… it was scary and not the life I wanted. In about 2-3 weeks, the spasms stopped. The heavy breathing probably stopped after about 3-4 weeks. Overall, I’m in much better health. I do have arthritis in my back and right leg… and I have a sit down job… so I still get stiff and limp a bit… but at least I can move.

I’m now at my lowest weight in probably over 10 yrs. My son is 15 and he was only a small boy when I weighed this and probably into the next 40 lbs… he won’t have remembered that! So, this is a new mom in his eyes. I want him to know that #1 I’m a strong woman! He comes from a strong woman. I left a bad marriage, I shed ALOT of weight (at the end of this, I will have shed 200 lbs… and that is something he WILL see and know that I did it with such will and determination). Who can see something like that and have it not carry into your own life and show him that anything is possible? At least, that’s what I wish for him.

My husband is 10 yrs older and only about 50 lbs outside of his goal weight… We have literally loved each other through thick and thin. We didn’t want to cut our time together short, so we made this change. Now, I can only pray we have many more wonderful years together! He’s starting to see a new woman as well….

I’m on to lose the rest… I’m nearly 1/4 there to my goal and I know that it will happen. I feel it in my bones. I thank God for this diet… it really hit the mark and resonated deep within my husband and I… we now know how to eat… something to learn midlife… wow. Wish I’d have known this years ago.

Stay tuned… this is my extreme makeover… my grabbing for the gusto and living out the rest of my life on my terms! I will be more active, I will do more things! I will LIVE healthy!

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Fast Track Your Weight Loss with the 17 Day Diet, now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon

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7 thoughts on “Marie’s Incredible Weight Loss Story”

  1. What an inspiring story. I just started back on cycle1 yesterday. My sister lost around 45 lbs too. My knees and back hurt like yours did. I can see myself in your story so I’m really pumped now. Thanks for sharing

    • Lali! I’m so glad that we connect through this letter of mine! I hope you’ll keep in touch, I’d love to hear about how you are doing… I’m really attacking this with my 110% and not letting up anytime soon! I’m ready to stop feeling pain every day and really work on getting healthy… We can do it!

  2. Marie, I am soooooooo proud of you my friend.
    When I started this 17 Day Diet on Apr. 2/11, I knew it was a wonderful diet and very, very doable.
    You are living proof of how, by following this diet compliantly, you can loose the weight and start a whole new way of eating for you and your family. I smile each time I read one of your posts. You are ON FIRE for this diet my friend and I love that.
    You inspire each and every one of us to keep going and to keep wanted to be the healthy happy people we can be.
    Thank you Marie.
    You’re the BEST!!!!!!!!

      • Traci, thanks for your concern! I’m doing very well… Update on me is I’m around the same. I got a bit distracted when I started donating plasma (for personal reasons when a young cousin of mine died at the age of 10, due to leukemia, when I was young)… I started obsessing about my iron and protein levels so that I could donate and focused more on that and less on the diet… so I gained about 15 lbs. I failed several protein tests. My body just does NOT want to retain iron and protein, due to whatever reason, plus I still walk (for exercise) regularly and my body burns the protein I eat. I finally told them that I’m taking a break and getting back to my diet (the 17 Day Diet) and focusing back on myself. So, in fact, it was just about two weeks ago when I walked away from that center and started to refocus and started losing weight again… So, I am still about 60-70 lbs away from the target weight my doctors gave me, although I’m really just trying to get under 200 lbs (about 40-50 away from now) with my height. I’m doing good! Thanks so very much for asking! I promised a full update once I hit my goal and I definitely will keep my promise! :-)


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