Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas

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Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas for a low-carb lifestyle

The great thing about eating healthy is your body is getting so many nutrient-rich foods that your sugar cravings usually disappear.

However, sometimes we crave a healthy dessert for special occasions, or a mid-week treat without adding in a ton of fat and sugar to derail our weight loss efforts.


Here are my top healthy dessert recipe ideas that you can incorporate into your diet and still lose weight while on the 17 Day Diet.

Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas!


Ann’s Creamy Fruit Freeze

I bet you’ve missed ice cream, haven’t you? Well, now we have a healthy frozen yogurt version created by community member, Ann B.

Bring Ann’s Creamy Fruit Freeze to your next BBQ or picnic and you’ll get to indulge without all the guilt.

Ann's Creamy Fruit Freeze is a low carb treat


Apple Chips

Technically, this Apple Chips recipe this can be eaten as a dessert or a mid-day snack.

I put this Apple Chip recipe on the list because it’s always a better idea to enjoy the natural sweetness of fruit before reaching for something a bit sweeter (like chocolate cake!!).

If you’re on the 17 Day Diet and following the “fruit before 2pm” rule, make sure you enjoy these during the day!

Chocolate Chia Pudding

This Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe is a perfect guilt-free dessert for Cycle 3.

Chia seeds are filled with so many nutrients – they are high in fiber, healthy fats and protein.

This pudding dessert can also be eaten at breakfast, too! Shhh… don’t tell anyone! ;)



Mini Cheesecakes (Low-Carb, Low-Fat)

The next time you’re craving cheesecake and you don’t want to cheat, reach for these Low-Fat, Low Carb Mini Cheesecakes instead!

Just a few is all you need to satisfy your sweet and savory tooth.

Top with your favorite low-sugar berries and you have yourself a perfect summer (or anytime of the year) dessert!

Faux Chocolate Pudding

Our list ends with this creamy Faux Chocolate Pudding dessert.

The great thing about this recipe is you’re killing two birds with one stone – you get your probiotic in and you’re taking care of your chocolate craving! WIN WIN!!

Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas

Here's my top healthy dessert recipe ideas for the 17 Day Diet or any low carb way of eating!

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6 thoughts on “Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas”

  1. Hi Torey! I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful recipes.
    Have you ever tried adding extracts to flavor plain nonfat greek yogurt?
    I was thinking of trying lemon or maybe maple to the yogurt but I don’t know how much to add.
    I think you can freeze it for a refreshing evening snack without the fruit.

    • Hi Dawn, you’re very welcome! I have no idea how much extract to put into something. I’d maybe start with a 1/8 of a teaspoon (or a few drops depending on your bottle) and go from there! If you try it, let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi Torey,

    I am so glad my friend told me about your eating plan. Like others, I have tried to maintain my weight for most of my life and succeeded before hitting 55 and that was 7 years ago. I did WW for a year lost 17#s (5-10#s from goal) but gained all but 5 back – net 5#’s gone in one year. However, I learned some great tips and recipes. I am loving the 17DD eating plan, day 7 of C1 and already have lost 3 #’s and all of my crazy cravings are gone! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. BTW: this is something I could actually sustain :)


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