Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan for the 17 Day Diet

Did you eat too much during the holiday? No fear! Here's a Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan for the 17 Day Diet

Did you eat too much stuffing and sweet potatoes for the Thanksgiving holiday and now you feel bloated and a few pounds heavier?

No fear, here’s a post-Thanksgiving detox diet plan for you to jump start your 17 Day Diet, lose water weight and hopefully lose a few pounds.

If you want a run down of all the detoxifying foods, check out my 3 Day Detox Meal Plan for Weight Loss.

Post-Thanksgiving Detox Diet for the 17 Day Diet


Hot Lemon Water
1 Cup Plain Yogurt w/ Mixed Berries
1 tsp flaxseed


Green salad w/ Grilled Chicken Breast, cucumber, tomatoes and Apple Cider Vinaigrette


Broiled Tilapia w/ Parmesan
Steamed Asparagus
Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad


Cool Cucumber and Strawberry Salad

Rules of Detox:

Drink Green Tea w/ each meal
Drink at least 8 8-oz water
No sugar or carbs
Still hungry? Eat unlimited cucumber, asparagus and tomatoes (these are natural detoxifying foods).

Feeling "stuffed" with too much Thanksgiving holiday treats? No fear, here's a Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan for the 17 Day Diet (pin for menu and recipes)


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5 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plan for the 17 Day Diet”

    • Missy, hot soups when it’s cold is really good (homemade soups are even better!). I like to take leftovers from my hot dinners and eat those for lunches. Before going through Cycle 1 again, I’d suggest you continue onto Cycle 2. It’s not a good idea to keep repeating Cycle 1.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I am 47 and 233 pounds…I finished the cycle 1 first 17 days the day before thanksgiving but over the last 4 days i ate thanksgiving foids:( thats why i decided to do the cycle 1 detox again?? What do u think? Thank you so much for ur help..i have tried everything…i use to be small before having 4 children :( i did lose 12.6 punds on the first 17 days!!!! I didnt know i could have my leftovers from supper foir lunch the next day! Thats awesome!

        • Missy, if you have the ingredients and want to do it right away, consider a Transitional Day Fast – here’s the link for the details:

          Now, this may not be practical for an immediate fix. If not, maybe do another 2-3 days of cycle 1, and then immediately transition to Cycle 2 and keep going from there. Once you get through Cycle 3, then go back to Cycle 1 and do it all over again until you lose your weight.

          P.S. Congrats on 12.6 pounds!!


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